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What's in this Guideline?

This document contains lists of SAP R/3 icons. Some of these icons, especially status icons, are also used in other application types, such as Web applications.

Note that we subsume Internet Application Components (IACs) and iViews (formerly called MiniApps) under the term Web applications.

Note: The icon lists have been removed from the SAP Reference Lists in order to simplify the access to the icon information.



Version 1.1.1 - 17 August 2004: Function "Display <-> Change" (German: "Anzeigen <-> Ändern") has been replaced by the single functions "Display" and "Change" (German: "Anzeigen" and "Ändern"), which are now used on toggle buttons where the button label reflects the new function.

Version 1.1 - 22 November 2002: Updated to release 6.3, error corrections

This guideline can be found in SAP design guidelines and resources on the SAP User Experience Community (


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Source:  SAP R/3 Icons