2019 Usability Testing brought to you by ASUG

Date: May 7-9 2019
Location: Room S310C/D
Venue: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

What happens during a usability test?

Understanding your needs and the way you work, helps ensure that we build software that is right for your business. During these one-on-one 60 minute sessions you can usability test new and existing software and give your feedback directly to the product teams that build them. It’s a great opportunity to work directly with SAP to help shape the future of SAP products.

Which participant role should I choose?

When you register you will get the option to pick a role as a tester or an observer. A tester actively tests the application while the observer watches the tester navigate through the session. The observer must still be capable of testing the solution as well since roles may be switched onsite. Regardless of the role you choose, feedback from both participants will be collected from the product team. If only one role is available for a given date or time, that means the other role has already been taken.

How many sessions can I sign up for?

We ask that you limit yourself to no more than four sessions to allow other attendees the chance to participate. If product teams need additional information from you in order to qualify your registration for their topic, they will contact you within five business days of your registration.

Why should I sign up now for usability testing instead of waiting until I arrive onsite?

Because choice topics and times fill up quickly. It’s always better to reserve your spot and let us know if you need to change or cancel it. If you wait until you are onsite, you run the risk of the topic being full. Also, if you take too long to register, you might have to wait on-site to see if a spot opens up, so book early. If you do decide to sign up on-site please stop by our Usability Testcenter Registration Desk (Room S310C/D) and we’ll show you the topics and times that are still available.

If you have any questions about registration or usability testing in general, please send an e-mail to usability.testcenter@sap.com.


Topic 1: DBS Customer Value Experience – New Business Scenario Recommendations for SAP S/4HANA

Explore and use the functions and features of the new business scenario recommendations for SAP S/4HANA. Benchmark your company against industry peers to identify the potential value from SAP S/4HANA for each line of business.

Description The new business scenario recommendations for SAP S/4HANA is an interactive report tailored for your company’s business decision-makers. It compares business performance metrics from your SAP ERP system with industry benchmarks to identify company-specific opportunities for business performance optimization (for example, improve liquidity or reduce manufacturing costs). The report provides tailored recommendations of business scenarios and the potential value for each line of business from SAP S/4HANA.

During this session, you will experience and evaluate the user friendliness, usability, and functional completeness of this interactive report.

  • Those responsible for lines of business (LoB), such as finance, sales, procurement, and manufacturing
  • IT business coordinators, liaisons, and business partners
  • Business process architects and responsibles
Previous experience Not required
Preview Explore and use the functions and features of a sample business scenario recommendations for SAP S/4HANA as an LoB decision-maker. Review business performance on the current SAP ERP, the tailored recommendations to optimize performance on SAP S/4HANA, and the potential value for each LoB. During this session, you will experience and evaluate the user friendliness, usability, and functional completeness of this interactive report.
Background information The key questions the report answers are: Why should our company consider the move from our SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA? What is the value for our lines of business? The interactive business scenario recommendations report will holistically provide the answer with tailored recommendations of business scenarios in SAP S/4HANA based on the usage of the current SAP ERP system and business performance KPIs with industry benchmarks.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 2: SAP Fiori 3 – Experience the Intelligent Enterprise: Design-to-Operate Process

Experience the vision of the SAP Fiori user experience for the design-to-operate process.

Description Design to operate is a supply chain business process that enables companies to connect digitally to perfect reality across the end-to-end supply chain: designing new products and assets and managing them throughout the lifecycle from planning to manufacturing, delivery, and operation in the field. Because the process spans various SAP solutions, it is important to have a consistent and integrated user experience.

Provide feedback on our new SAP Fiori design concepts that we have applied to the design-to-operate process, such as machine learning, conversational user experience, dynamic user home pages, and consistent navigation.

Role(s) Everyone working or involved in the design-to-operate process, such as:

  • Production operator or supervisor
  • Transportation planner or manager
  • Warehouse operator
  • Logistics manager
  • Supply planner or manager
  • Demand planner or manager
  • Requirement Engineer
  • Machine Operator
Previous experience SAP Fiori experience is a benefit.
Preview During this session, you will experience and evaluate selected key screens of the design-to-operate process that showcase the new SAP Fiori design vision.

You will try out our new concepts and get a feeling of what a consistent user experience for the digital supply chain might look like.

Background information Design to operate is one of the leading end-to-end scenarios for the Intelligent Enterprise, showcasing SAP’s greatest innovations for integration and a consistent user experience across SAP solutions, which are based on SAP Fiori as a design language.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 3: Experience the Intelligent Enterprise: Lead-to-Cash Process

Join us to see and experience the future of work in the lead-to-cash process.

Description Lead-to-cash is one of the most important and business-critical processes in an enterprise. It starts with the interest of a customer for a specific product; includes marketing and opportunity and quote management; and concludes with order handling, shipping, and invoicing. The process spans across various SAP solutions that have to provide a consistent and integrated user experience.

Join our session to experience the Intelligent Enterprise with the lead-to-cash process. Get your hands on the next level of intelligent business software, which uses artificial intelligence and in-depth integration of data to make sales processes more proactive from end to end.

Role(s) Everyone working in the area of sales, distribution, or marketing and taking care of customers, such as:

  • Sales representative or manager
  • Account executive
  • Marketing campaign manager
  • Service planner or manager
Previous experience Knowledge of the lead-to-cash process is required. Some experience with SAP Fiori would be an asset.
Preview Based on a fictitious scenario, you are guided through the lead-to-cash process using an interactive prototype. You need to complete a list of actions, starting with the customer’s intention to buy and ending with revenue recognition.

During this session, you will experience and evaluate the user friendliness, usability, and functional completeness of our solution. Your feedback is critical for shaping the next steps in product development.

Background information The Intelligent Enterprise experience aims at evolving the scope of the current SAP Fiori experience from a pure business application environment to a seamless and coherent design experience for all SAP solutions.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 4: Intelligent Patterns in SAP Fiori (UX4AI/ML)

In this session, you will experience how SAP Fiori organizes your business intelligently and guides you through your daily tasks.

Description The core element of the future SAP Fiori® environment is proactive recommendations that speed up the process of taking action and decision-making tremendously. Also, with the help of predictive analytics and machine learning, potentially upcoming issues can be detected and brought to the user’s attention.

Not only is all relevant information gathered on one page, but solution proposals are presented on the best way to solve the issue. All content you see and interact with is organized in a meaningful way, which helps you run your business most efficiently.

Such integration of artificial intelligence revolutionizes the workflow of SAP Fiori app users and the way people work with enterprise software.

Role(s) Project manager: IT, sales, HR, executive, and so on
Previous experience Not required
Preview Discover the capabilities of an intelligent system that guides you through your daily tasks, proactively recommending actions and detecting potentially upcoming issues based on machine learning. Explore how artificial intelligence can speed up your business processes and revolutionize the way you work.
Background information The future of SAP Fiori is intelligent. Proactive behavior of the system and intelligently organized content are key features of next-generation enterprise software. But the Intelligent Enterprise can only happen with the right use of artificial intelligence for its users. Working with an intelligent system changes the way users consume content and take actions and, therefore, requires new interaction patterns.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 5: Newest Innovations for SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace

Dig into the brand-new predictive analytics applications of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace and get advanced insights about your system landscape. Help us to improve the user experience and to find new ways of user interactions with the application.

Description The next level of innovations for SAP EarlyWatch Alert will be based on machine learning and predictive analytics. They bring in more advanced trend analyses based on the existing EarlyWatch Alert data.

In this session you will discover new applications of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace and experience new user interactions with the application.

Your feedback will help us to further improve usability and functionality of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service.

Role(s) IT system operators, administrators, or anyone who is responsible for the performance and stability of SAP systems.

Managers of IT system landscapes who do strategic planning and resource management of their system landscapes.

You can be either a customer or a partner who is working with SAP systems.

Previous experience Experience with the classic SAP EarlyWatch Alert report or the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace are welcome but not necessary.
Preview You will be testing new cards on the Workspace which show critical trends in our system landscape based on predictive analytics.

Drill-down into detail applications and learn how to explore and analyze results of the predictions. Answer questions like, which SAP HANA tables will reach the 2 billion record limit within the next two weeks.

Background information SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) is an automated service that checks essential administrative areas of SAP components and keeps you up to date on their performance and stability.

The SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace is the next generation of the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service. Although it is still based on the classic EarlyWatch Alert reports, it provides users a completely new experience for working with alert reports. The Workspace is available as cloud application in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Users get an overview about performance and stability of the productive system. From the overview page they can drill-down into specific detail application to analyze and solve issues.

There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 6: ONE Business Configuration – Cloud Product Scoping Application

Are you interested in how your business processes fit to SAP solutions? Test our new website which helps you identify the right cloud solutions for your company.

Description Enabling our customers to implement cloud solutions from SAP in an easy and efficient way is key for the success of SAP. With the new website tested here at ASUG, customers will be enabled to scope their cloud solutions in a webshop-like experience.
Role(s) All kinds of users involved in selecting and implementing ERP / cloud solutions, especially business power users and key users, LoB heads or implementation project leads.

It is not necessary for test participants to be involved in a cloud implementation, but they should have one of the target user roles mentioned above. Internal and external consultants are also okay, as long as they are involved in the process of selecting cloud solutions for their clients.

Previous experience Experience with selecting ERP / cloud solutions or with implementation projects is a prerequisite for participating.
Preview Using a prototype, you will perform separate tasks and activities that need to be executed in the course of an implementation project.

Your first test task is to provide characteristics of your company and intended implementation as a high-level scoping. Based on this, a filtered scoping catalog guides you through the detailed scoping steps. If time allows, we then focus on the go-live activities that push the relevant tasks to the corresponding business power users or configuration experts.

During the usability test, you can discuss the user experience and the general concept of the tested solution before it is implemented.

You also have the chance to talk about the needs you and your company would have with respect to configuring and adjusting a cloud solution. In particular, you could discuss what the ideal process of an implementation project should look like and how such a project could, ideally, be supported.

Background information The new ONE Business Configuration Cloud Product Scoping app is a solution for all customers and partners who want to implement cloud solutions from SAP. The solution has the goal to make implementation projects for cloud solutions easier and more efficient and, most of all, enable implementation partners and customers to run those projects without the need to include consultants.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 7: ONE Business Configuration – Configure and Deploy a Process of the Intelligent Enterprise

We are working on an easy-to-use and consistent user experience for scoping, business configuration, and implementation. Have you been involved in projects from a business configuration aspect? Are you responsible for business processes in your company? We are looking forward to your input and feedback at our test booth.

Description We want to evaluate the usability and functionality of a new entry point for scoping, configuring, and implementing cloud solutions from SAP. We want to enable our customers and partners to efficiently and consistently identify the relevant scope and configure, implement, run, and operate the processes for the intelligent suite. Your expertise will help us validate the roles of the involved personas and the overall user story.
Role(s) The focus is on key users and business power users involved in implementing cloud solutions from SAP, such as:

  • Business process experts
  • System architects
  • Business process managers
  • SAP process architects
  • Project leads

We are also interested in people who are responsible for aligning an enterprise solution to the actual business processes.

Previous experience Practical experience (or at least touch points) with business configuration is a must; former involvement in the implementation of a cloud solution from SAP is a plus.
Preview Test candidates will be asked to explore and provide feedback on a new user story for the business configuration and the overall implementation process of cloud solutions, including different handshake variants of the related tools and validation of the personas and roles.
Background information The concept envisions giving potential customers and prospects more options to explore the solution they are interested in before purchasing it. Shifting detailed configuration processes to an earlier phase of the implementation lifecycle leads to a need to adapt technical, process, and user experience aspects of the end-to-end configuration experience. We are striving to find the easiest and most intuitive interaction flow across phases, tools, and roles, including the handshake procedure between business configuration and technical implementation. To that end, we are interested in customer feedback on the process as well as the expectations and tasks of the persons involved with the new concept as those tasks will change slightly compared to the conventional process of today.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 8: Ruum by SAP – Smart Templates Experience

Join us for a usability session and find out how you can improve and optimize the process of reporting in your organization by using the reporting feature in the Ruum by SAP solution.

Description A template is an industry standard form used for optimizing work and cutting down the amount of time spent on routine tasks. Any team can plan and manage their projects more successfully if they are powered with the right tool.

Ruum by SAP provides teams with a powerful yet intuitive platform for everyday collaboration and project planning. Our goal is to build the tool for the future of teamwork – collaborative, transparent and creative. Ruum team together with Ruum users see the great potential of templates in terms of work processes optimization and automatization.

We’ve realized there’re several solutions on the market offering templates feature, yet none of them has offered any serious functionality for the effective processes optimization. Ruum aims to close this gap by designing Smart Templates, which includes the concept of reusable variable such are team roles, project start, and end dates, etc. New Template feature should help teams to get cracking on actual work and free up the time for being more creative.

During this session, you will have the opportunity to go through Ruum brand-new Template experience and learn more about how we imagine the future of teamwork.

Role(s) Everyone who:

  • Feels it’s time to bring transparency in the workplace;
  • Needs to optimize team collaboration;
  • Wants to automate routine tasks and be more productive.
Previous experience
  • ­No special previous experience required to participate.
  • Experience with any Project Management tool.
Preview You will be able to test the latest interactive prototype of Ruum by SAP Template feature. You will be giving a list of tasks to complete starting with setting up a new Template for your team and ending with sharing the Template with other team members.

Our team will guide you through each step needed to successfully complete every task.

During this session, you will experience and evaluate the overall User Experience and functional completeness of our solution. Your feedback is crucial for us as it will influence the final version of the solution.

Background information Ruum by SAP is a powerful yet lightweight project management and collaboration tool that helps teams spend less time on admin and more time focusing on what matters.

Ruum was founded in 2016. The founding team wanted to simplify the way collaboration happened in companies of all sizes, starting with large enterprise. They wanted to give the world a solution that would bring back transparency, clarity, purpose, and – by removing overheads and admin – make people happier.

There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 9: SaaS Commerce Cloud – CX Commerce

Preview SaaS commerce and find out how simple and quick it is to set up a store.

Description In this session, explore features and functionality within the new SaaS commerce cloud interface. Create your own store; set up store environments including sites, product catalogs, locations, taxes, payment, and shipping; and manage plug-ins. Review the experience and provide insights on usability, learnability, efficiency, expectations, completion of tasks, and real-world terminology.
Role(s) Users who are responsible for commerce configuration or system administration within a commerce application as well as any person that has configured an online commerce store
Previous experience Preferably, people familiar with online commerce store configurations such as site setup, locations, shipping options, and payment and tax providers
Preview Using a prototype, explore the new interface while creating and configuring a store. Provide valuable insights on usability, ease of use, guided content provided within the interface, and terminology used.
Background information SaaS commerce cloud is a new offering that allows commerce system administrators and configuration experts to quickly and easily set up a storefront.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 10: SAP – Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (SAP Cloud-ALM)

Everyone who was, is, or will be involved in an SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution implementation project or any other implementation of a cloud solution from SAP should sign up for this usability test.

Description You have the opportunity to experience change and test scenarios that we are developing for the SAP Cloud ALM solution and to provide feedback that will help us improve our planned solution.
Role(s) Release or test managers for implementation projects for SAP S/4HANA Cloud or any other cloud solution from SAP, such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, and SAP Fieldglass solutions.

We also welcome change managers, system architects, consultants, and project leads if they have experience or act as a test or release manager.

Previous experience Experience as release or test manager is required.

It is not mandatory that you have been involved in an implementation of a cloud solution from SAP.

Preview Using an interactive prototype, you will manage your implementation requirements and prepare the relevant test cases. In addition to running the tests, you will also keep an eye on the overall change progress.

The test scenario is based on implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud but it can be applied to any cloud solution from SAP. Furthermore, you will manage a release upgrade impacting your project timeline.

Background information SAP Cloud ALM is an application lifecycle management (ALM) offering for customers that use only (or at least predominantly) cloud solutions from SAP and have no need to deploy an ALM tool on premise for managing them.

Today, SAP Cloud ALM eases the implementation of cloud solutions by enabling companies to perform quick team onboarding and scoping by providing sequenced and role-based product- and release-specific task lists based on the SAP Activate methodology. Furthermore, SAP Cloud ALM accelerates the realization of a fit-to-standard implementation approach through workshops based on content from the SAP Best Practices package for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. You are guided through the implementation process while the project progress is tracked automatically.

Next, SAP plans to include functionalities for test management and deployment management.

There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 11: SAP C/4HANA Cockpit – Managing Your SAP Customer Experience Suite Starts Here

With SAP C/4HANA cockpit, customers of the SAP C/4HANA suite have access to a central administration portal that enables them to manage SAP C/4HANA as one integrated suite of solutions.

Description The cockpit development team wants to deliver a great experience to all technical users responsible for managing SAP C/4HANA solutions and is looking for customer engagement opportunities right from the onset while the solution is being designed and implemented. This type of engagement in the early feedback round can be hugely beneficial to customers as it provides an opportunity to have direct influence into the early design of features to be used down the line.
Role(s) Participants should be in a technical role and be familiar with and willing to share their experience with the management and operation of front-office cloud applications.

  • System administrators
  • System integrators
  • IT experts
Previous experience Preferably, participants would have firsthand experience with the management and operation of front-office cloud applications, starting with the onboarding process and going through the lifecycle of integration, operation, support, adoption, optimization, renewal, expansion, and offboarding.
Preview During the usability test session, you will test the latest version of the new SAP C/4HANA cockpit. You will experience the functionality of the management and extension aspect of SAP C/4HANA cockpit.
Background information SAP C/4HANA cockpit is the new administration portal that enables customers to manage their SAP C/4HANA solutions (SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Cloud) centrally as one integrated suite.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 12: SAP Fiori 3 – Enriched App and Content Page Concepts for the Intelligent Enterprise

Discover new and improved app and content page types and layouts for SAP Fiori 3.

Description Explore how concepts such as the enhanced predefined object page or the new workspace can improve the overall user experience and the way users interact with their SAP Fiori apps. During this session, you will learn more about our new page types and get insights about the latest innovations around SAP Fiori apps and content pages.
Role(s) No specific user role required.
Previous experience Regardless of your experience with SAP Fiori, you can take part in this session.
Preview You have the opportunity to test several SAP Fiori app pages and try a set of new features and improved concepts using our interactive prototype. You can give us your valuable feedback, which helps us improve the user experience even more. The session consists of different tasks and questions related to the interaction design and visual appearance of the screens offered in the prototype.
Background information The concepts around the app and content pages form the foundation for all SAP Fiori apps and are a central part of SAP Fiori 3. They consist of different page types, such as the object page, list report, and the new workspace, and different page layout options such as the flexible column layout. Our goal is to validate new interaction concepts to deliver a truly great experience for the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Fiori 3.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 13: SAP Fiori 3 Shell

Test the new design of the central SAP Fiori 3 shell and the next generation of common services, such as the user menu and cross-navigation.

Description The shell bar of SAP Fiori 3 is an essential component that is always visible, providing the user with a steady point of reference as well as a set of core functionalities that are constantly reachable. You have the chance to test our new enhanced shell with a focus on cross-navigation to other SAP products, the user menu, and the responsive behavior.
Role(s) Anyone who works with enterprise software and who wants to experience the next big evolution of the SAP Fiori user experience in the context of digital transformation and the future of work
Previous experience Not required
Preview Buckle up, because you will be taking an exciting journey with us as you discover the interaction of central shell elements on desktop and mobile devices with hands-on prototypes. You will provide usability feedback, for example, on accessing our user assistant, the user profile, and the cross-navigation between different SAP products.
Background information The Intelligent Enterprise takes advantage of process automation and innovation, which have to be reflected in the user interface. By introducing the shell bar with SAP Fiori 3, we have integrated these patterns and improved interactions to achieve consistency, alignment, and extended navigation.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 14: SAP Fiori 3: My Tasks Application – The Future of Work Items

Feel, see, and test the new application based on the SAP Fiori user experience for handling work items. Experience and give feedback on the entire process from discovery to mass actions to automation.

Description The My Tasks application is the central place to interact with all work items from all SAP solutions. See how we simplified the overall experience, learn how to interact with work items, and give feedback to influence development and design.
Role(s) Anyone who works with work items (to-dos) in daily business or wants to see the future of work with SAP Fiori 3
Previous experience Not required
Preview Use our interactive prototype to experience how the new application and its new functions support you when interacting with work items (to-dos) and business workflows. Provide valuable feedback on experience, usability, and workflow.
Background information The new My Tasks application enables users to act on to-dos, work items from all SAP solutions in one central place and in a new way. There are more variants to discover, monitor, and enter the application, and an improved structure to handle mass actions. A new rule framework automates processes, and machine learning provides recommendations.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 15: SAP Fiori 3: Shaping the SAP Fiori Experience

Come experience the next generation of Fiori built specifically around you.

With the introduction of SAP Fiori 3, we’ve created a design language that provides a consistent, role-based, consumer-grade user experience across SAP products. We are exploring enhancements to SAP Fiori that express an engaging personality for you — one that is relatable, smart, encouraging and trusted.
Role(s) Daily users of SAP Fiori products

Business users across LoBs consuming the SAP Fiori design language:

  • SAP Ariba solutions: strategic and casual buyers
  • SAP SuccessFactors solutions: HR professionals
  • SAP Fieldglass solutions: buyers, suppliers, and workers
  • SAP Cloud for Customer solution: retail managers, sales representatives, and customer service managers
Previous experience Not required
In this session, you will evaluate human-centered enhancements we have added to Fiori. You’ll  be guided through different interaction flows to assess the effect these enhancements have on the user experience of SAP products.

With your feedback, we want to discover: Do these enhancements positively effect product usability? How are they perceived? Are they helpful for you as a user?

Background information Our goal is to improve the user experience of SAP’s products by providing a genuine, consistent experience for our users. We want to create an experience that users connect deeply with, that drives the purpose of our products but also shows the human side of it. We want to ensure that our users find value in what we’re providing them.

We evolved a personality for SAP products to facilitate a stronger emotional connection with our users. We want to express our values in the most user-centered way possible, by meeting them at the nexus of where they do their work – within our products.

There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 16: SAP Fiori Elements – The Next Generation

SAP Fiori elements is your way to quickly and easily build SAP Fiori applications without coding. Explore new features of the next generation of SAP Fiori elements and get a first glimpse of the new capabilities in the context of a real application.

Description During this session, you will experience the next generation of SAP Fiori elements using a sales order application. You get a sneak preview of the new controls and features and can provide feedback to our development team to influence the development of the new floorplans, building blocks, and features.
  • ·Consultant
  • Business user
  • IT expert
  • Manager
Previous experience Experience with the sales order component from SAP or knowledge about the process of creating a sales order is beneficial, as we are testing SAP Fiori elements in the scope of this use case. Participants should have some basic understanding of the related business scenario.
Preview SAP Fiori elements is your way to quickly and easily build SAP Fiori applications without coding. Explore new features of the next generation of SAP Fiori elements and get a first glimpse of the new capabilities in the context of a real application.
Background information SAP Fiori elements provides a framework for the most common application patterns to develop SAP Fiori apps quickly with no or very little front-end coding. SAP Fiori elements helps ensure design consistency and compliance with the latest design guidelines and allows you to update an application to the latest user experience patterns with little effort.

SAP Fiori elements forms the basis of most of the newly shipped SAP Fiori apps, and the patterns used in the floorplans occur in many different applications and scenarios.

There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 17: SAP Fiori 3 in action: ONE Support Launchpad and “SAP for Me”

In this 60-minute usability session, explore how SAP ONE Support Launchpad in combination with “SAP for Me” simplifies your interactions with SAP. Experience personalization in the context of service and support – and influence upcoming solutions.

Description Harmonized interaction with SAP, especially in the context of service and support, is key to simplifying the operation of a hybrid SAP solution – consisting of various cloud solutions and on-premise solutions such as SAP Business Suite.

In the session, you have the opportunity to discover the newest versions and learn about the latest ideas of SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Additionally you will also have the chance to get to know “SAP for Me” the new customer portal of SAP which is going to be officially launched at SAPPHIRE.

With your participation and your feedback, you help SAP improve the usability, the user-interaction model, and the underlying concepts of these websites.

  • Everybody who is interested in the topic and/or innovative solutions
  • Users who are responsible for operating and maintaining a cloud or hybrid SAP solution
  • Users who make product-related decisions for their company
Previous experience
  • No special previous experience is required to participate.
  • Experience with Web applications as well as service and support applications is welcome.
Preview In the usability tests, we provide the latest lab versions of SAP ONE Support Launchpad and SAP for Me.

You have the opportunity to experience how both assets are supporting you to interact with service and support, such as:

  • Access through one single entry point
  • Work with products
  • Monitor the availability of your cloud solutions
  • Manage your events
  • Work with a one-stop approach for incidents
  • Get live support
Background information SAP ONE Support Launchpad – along with the new service and support applications – is the third-most visited Web site of SAP – more than 90,000 unique users are using those applications every day. It is your personalized digital support experience.

SAP for Me is your new digital companion to interact with SAP along your customer journey – including service and support. Get valuable guidance to your best personalized solution.

Your feedback has a large impact on how more than 1 million service and support users access and work with our service and support staff.

There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 18: SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Invoice to Cash or Analyze to Optimize

Influence the development of next-generation intelligent ERP processes. Test the latest innovations with SAP S/4HANA Cloud in an actual cloud system and share your feedback executing invoice-to-cash or analyze-to-optimize business process.

Description Sign up for this topic if you are interested in discovering the latest developments and directly influencing SAP development in the area of invoice to cash or analyze to optimize with SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Role(s) Information professionals who are responsible for accounts receivables automation or overhead allocation automation: accounts receivable specialists and cash specialists or overhead cost accountant.
Previous experience Must work with ideas and consume data and information on a regular basis using e-mail, documents, search, and so on. Must be familiar with browsing and consuming Web pages as the Web browser is your interface to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Preview You will be testing the latest innovations and processes for SAP S/4HANA Cloud on the following topics: bank statement reprocessing or overhead cost allocation for cost centers/profit centers. You will be providing real-time feedback about your user experience to SAP professionals directly involved in designing and creating the next generation of these processes.
Background information Higher automation of finance operations and accelerated closing build the foundation of an intelligent ERP in order to free up time for delivering forward looking insights and better decision making. With SAP software for optimized invoice-to-cash as well analyze-to-optimize you can reduce costs, save time and reduce human error
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.

Topic 19: SAP Universal ID

Tired of having to remember S-user IDs and passwords for each of your SAP accounts? Check out SAP Universal ID – your ID for life – the only one you’ll need to log on to any SAP website going forward.

Description Give us your feedback as you walk through a couple of tasks related to the SAP Universal ID software solution. We share our latest working prototypes with you and find out where we need to make improvements in the user experience through your feedback.
Role(s) Anyone who uses any of the following websites:

  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad
  • SAP Support Portal
  • SAP.com
  • SAP Community
  • SAP Store

Customers and partners are welcome to sign up.

Though this isn’t a must-have, if you are a super administrator or a user administrator for SAP products, we are especially interested in working with you.

Previous experience None
Preview You will walk through the process of creating a universal ID, manage your account profile, use your universal ID to log on and off SAP websites, and add or remove people from a pool of authorized IDs.
Background information Customers and partners have told us how difficult it is to remember the numeric S-user ID (user name) and the individual passwords for each account. We are looking to simplify that process by giving you just one ID for life, SAP Universal ID (which is your e-mail address). In the future, you will need to remember only your universal ID to log on to SAP websites.
There are no usability test sessions available for this topic.