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Defining target or test groups

Recruiting the right persons is crucial for getting valuable results from your testing and research. These ‘right persons’ have to be able to represent your consumers, customers, and end users.
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Holger Maassen
Customer experience Circle offline store situation

Content and Context in Commerce

The phrase “content is king” is widely believed to have been coined by Bill Gates. That may well be the case, but if so, who is King Content’s queen? That’s simple. If content is the king, then context is the queen. But let’s take a step back. If we talk about commerce, the first thing […]
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Holger Maassen
homemade lasagna and salad

Explaining UX to your Parents

Image by RitaE from Pixabay If you work in user experience, I bet you have been in a similar situation. You are home for a visit, you’re about to dig into your all-time favorite home-cooked meal, and then, without warning, the conversation goes off the rails and you are struggling to explain what you do […]
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Esther Blankenship

Lots of Great UX and Design Content at SAP TechEd Barcelona

SAP TechEd Barcelona runs from October 8-10, 2019. We have many lecture, roadmap, and hands-on sessions on user experience and design topics, such as: SAP Fiori 3 SAP Fiori launchpad SAP Fiori elements SAPUI5 SAP Web IDE SAP Screen Personas Mobile app development Design thinking There will also be some sneak previews of new products […]
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Peter Spielvogel

SAP TechEd Las Vegas: The Latest SAP Fiori User Experience Content

This year’s TechEd again focuses on learning journeys to help you navigate the many lecture and hands-on sessions based on your goals. For the user experience track, we have three learning journeys: UX1: Become the UX transformation champion in your company UX2: Design and develop SAP Fiori apps UX3: Implement and run a great UX […]
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Peter Spielvogel

openSAP course: Intelligent Enterprise User Experience with SAP Fiori 3

Join our free online course to learn how SAP Fiori 3, SAP’s latest design system, provides a consistent, intelligent, and integrated user experience for the Intelligent Enterprise. After an introduction to SAP Fiori 3, you’ll dive into the main design principles that ensure a harmonized look and feel across all SAP products, integrate them into […]
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Diana Klukas

Using Ranking to Reflect Intelligence in User Interfaces

Ranking is among a group of basic patterns that can help to reflect an intelligent insight. Ranking is such a pervasive pattern because it helps users easily identify quickly the top options.
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Carlos Martinez Gomez

UX Research: A Key Factor for Success in the Design Process

UX research, or design research serves many purposes throughout the design process. It helps us identify, prove or disprove our assumptions, find commonalities across our target audience members, and recognize their needs, goals, and mental models. As a User Experience Designer, I’d like to share some UX research methods around gathering data with you. My […]
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Holger Maassen

SAP Fiori: new video series showcasing SAP S/4HANA user experience

Did you know that all users of SAP S/4HANA benefit from SAP Fiori – even those who work predominantly with “classic UIs” such as SAP GUI and WebDynpro? Did you know that all the new functional innovations coming with SAP S/4HANA come via SAP Fiori apps?
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Thomas Reiss

Design Beautiful Mobile Apps with SAP Fiori for Android

SAP Fiori design language gives users a consistent and complete user experience in all SAP software across web and mobile platforms. SAP Fiori for Android connects the strengths of the Fiori user interface and Google's Material Design concepts to deliver the most intuitive and delightful enterprise applications.
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Santosh Kikkeri

An AI Menu for Your Next Lunch Gathering

Should you happen to be dining with friends and talk turns to artificial intelligence, its subdivisions and its potential evolutions, this “menu” might come in handy.
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Esther Blankenship

SAP CoPilot Features Overview

Talking to a machine is a powerful way for people to interact with computers. It’s also a clear indication that we’re at an exciting point in our lives.
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Swan Kim

Process Your Tasks with the SAP Fiori Element Worklist

With the SAP Fiori element worklist, you can get a list of items that need processing. After reviewing the details of an item you can either complete the work item yourself or delegate it to someone else.
3741  | 
Suraj Sudhi

Learning Floorplans – and Layouts, Too

When we think of floorplans in an everyday context, we might imagine an architectural drawing that shows the shape, size, and arrangement of rooms in a building viewed from above. This comes already close to the definition of floorplans in SAP Fiori. In SAP Fiori, the term ‘floorplan’ describes a specific combination of layout and […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Staying Smart with SAP Fiori Overview Pages

With the overview page, users can perform their daily tasks quickly and effectively by having all the information they need on a single page. One of five SAP Fiori elements, the overview page gives the user a role-based view, consolidating data from various sources where information is visualized on cards for multiple content types.
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Jan Ruessel

Keen About Keys? Keyboard Interaction in SAP Fiori

Good keyboard interaction design is essential to all software products. It helps you to get around the screen and reach UI elements with interaction devices other than a mouse or touch screen, such as … a keyboard. Joking apart, all functions of the screen need to be operable by one input channel only. SAP Fiori’s SAPUI5 framework […]
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Nicole Windmann

SAP Fiori’s Rich Text Editor – What You See Is What You Get

Beacon is a series of content to help you discover and learn about SAP Fiori. This nugget shines a light on SAP Fiori’s rich text editor (RTE) built with SAPUI5 controls. As you might already know, the RTE is a control for data input and editing. ‘Rich’ comes from the complex formatting possibilities. As a ‘What You See […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Listen to Drago and Sebastian – Concepts for Motion Design

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, Meaningful Motion in UI. In the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, the section about motion design has been updated with new content. Drago and Sebastian, SAP UX designers for motion design, discuss the concepts that have been newly introduced: duration, easings, and direction. Listen to the podcast below to […]
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Sebastian Moreno

Listen to Jim – SAP Fiori Deployment Scenario: Central Hub Deployment

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, A Look at Central Hub Deployment – an SAP Fiori Deployment Scenario. A general recommendation The Central Hub Deployment scenario is one of general recommendations for the deployment of the SAP Fiori. Listen to Jim to find out about the general building blocks of the deployment scenario.
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Marcus Holger Erb

Microcopy in SAP Fiori: Every Word Counts

Microcopy are the snippets of text that guide you through a user interface. Great microcopy pays off in a big way by delighting users, saving time, and improving the rate of task completion. Profit from our experiences and find out what to consider when writing microcopy for your own SAP Fiori app. 1) Buttons… and […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Listen to Jim – Make the Most of the Guidelines

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, Structured How You Work: SAP Fiori Design Guidelines. Thoughtful guidance The SAP Fiori Design Guidelines provide you with a lot of design information straight out of the box. With so many insightful articles, you may not necessarily know where to start. Listen to Jim to find out how to use the structure […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Listen to Jim – Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget 6 Insights about Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori. Color contrast looks good, works well Contrast as one of the key principles in design improves usability for everybody. Good and meaningful color contrast fulfills several needs: supporting readibility, giving feedback in response to user actions, and satisfying aesthetic needs. […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

6 Insights about Color and Contrast in SAP Fiori

Contrast is one of the most important principles in design. There are different kinds of contrasts: contrast between shapes, sizes, positions, and colors. Good and meaningful color contrast, the relationship of foreground and background color, improves usability for everybody. Find out below how color contrast in SAP Fiori supports users to perform their tasks easily. But first, […]
5129  | 
Olga Korotkaia

The System Behind SAP Fiori Visual Design

Visual design is a lot more than colors or icons. It’s about a system of colors, typography, layouts, icons, charts, and motions that requires a profound expertise in communication design. A thoughtful visual design system enhances the user experience and makes the brand recognizable. It brings the data forward and makes the content more consumable. […]
3810  | 
Jeong-Sook Lee

Completing the SAP Fiori User Experience with SAP Screen Personas

Organizations interested in a user experience improvement project often ask whether to use SAP Screen Personas or SAP Fiori. While project requirements and resources differ, achieving a consistent SAP Fiori user experience (UX) is a question of “and”, not “or”.
4831  | 
Conrad Bernal

What Will Happen to Empathy in the Age of Bots?

Having family abroad requires frequent traveling. Because my kids are in school, our flights always land during peak travel times, either around Christmas or summer vacation, resulting in steep ticket prices. So, when I started planning our summer 2017 trip to Israel, I was thrilled to find a travel website called JustFly, offering substantially cheaper tickets per […]
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Eliad Goldwasser

My Journey to SAP Fiori

Finding the right resource is the key for any learning! Let us dig up how you can begin your journey of SAP Fiori by finding the right resources. Nevertheless, you can look for many posts, articles and writeups on SAP Fiori, but following a dedicated approach can help you reach the destination early.
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Chandra Bhushan Singh

Deploy and Enjoy – Phase 3 of the DLD Process

During the second phase, Design, you came up with your prototype, and incorporated feedback. Now, it’s time to start the actual front-end to back-end development. Bring your software to life by following the three steps implement, test and deploy. Prepare for implementation of your design A prioritized user story map can be a good basis […]
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Saskia Guckenburg

Meaningful Motion in UI

When motion fills the gap between frames, the story comes to life and becomes more understandable. A great story has a beginning, middle, and an end. As such, motion facilitates comprehension by creating the full picture for us, while holding our attention.
3384  | 
Dragomir Ralchev

What Makes a Good Typeface?

Creating a typeface is the job of type designers. You, as a user, do not have to care about the design details; the important thing is that you have a great reading experience. However, even non-designers face font choices nowadays, and we know why typeface and typography matter. The following might help you choose the right font for […]
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Jeong-Sook Lee

Welcome to Beacon

Beacon is a new series of content to discover and learn about SAP Fiori. Comprised of bite-sized, easy-to-digest content in various formats, Beacon broadens awareness about and increases the understanding of SAP Fiori.
3770  | 
Sarah-Vanessa Mueller

A Single SAP S/4HANA Deployment Scenario for SAP Fiori?

From a system landscape architecture perspective, there are different ways to make SAP Fiori available to users. The SAP Fiori front-end server is the component to deploy SAP Fiori to users. From an architecture perspective, let’s see how Fiori is used within an SAP S/4HANA on-premise single system environment. This scenario represents a typical starting […]
3509  | 
Marcus Holger Erb

SAP Fiori and Accessibility: Our Top 7

There’s a thin line between accessibility and usability: Accessibility means usability for any user, anywhere and anytime. True accessibility is about the technology as well as about the design, without loss of content, functionality and efficiency. We’ve counted down the top seven ways how SAP Fiori’s approach to simplicity achieves a beautifully accessible design. But before, quickly […]
9010  | 
Nicole Windmann

Design to Delight – Phase 2 of the DLD Process

In the previous blog Discover the Unknown of the design-led development series, you got to understand the problem that your user is facing. Now, it is time to start creating your SAP Fiori app. The design phase continues true to the motto “all good things come in threes” with three steps: The product vision is refined […]
3842  | 
Annette Stotz

Discover the Unknown – Phase 1 of the DLD Process

The first phase of the three design-led development (DLD) phases is called discover. If you are curious about the whole DLD process, check out the introduction. In discover, you gain a holistic overview of your project and bring everybody to the same level of knowledge. Ideally, the team includes the product owner, user researcher, design […]
3595  | 
Carolin Flesch

Structured How You Work: SAP Fiori Design Guidelines

So, you’ve come across the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by so many detailed articles? Wondering how to find the information you need?
3100  | 
James Vernon Edenstrom

Good Things Come in 3s – Intro to the DLD Process

When you think of software development, you probably first think of programming. Actually, behind the scenes, many more people than software developers are involved. One of the core principles of design thinking is multidisciplinary teams, that is, team members from diverse professional backgrounds. The graphic below shows the main process roles for the design-led development […]
4052  | 
Carolin Flesch

Stay Smart with SAP Fiori Elements

Creating SAP Fiori apps has never been easier thanks to SAP Fiori elements. Delivered with UI designs and templates of the most commonly used application patterns, SAP Fiori elements can help you save time and cost during development.
6499  | 
Jan Ruessel

Where Projects Are Born and Go to Die

The first time I heard someone say “post-mortem,” it sounded like something out of a medical TV drama. Upon Googling its definition, I was not far off: a post-mortem is defined as “an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death.” How does it apply in the context of a project?
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SAP Fiori and Accessibility: It’s About Individual Stories

In the previous part of this blog, we had a first look over SAP Accessibility Expert Nicole Windmann’s shoulder. In this second part, Nicole tells us about the work she and her colleagues do regarding SAP Fiori and accessibility. Nicole, how does accessibility play a role in design and user experience? On the design side, our team is part of […]
3943  | 
Saskia Guckenburg

Ramping up Accessibility: A Look over Nicole’s Shoulder

When you hear the word “accessibility,” you might at first think it affects few people. Consider though, for example, how many people you know who wear glasses or contact lenses. Without corrective lenses, it would be much more difficult for these people to access the content from the screen. This is just one point I […]
3721  | 
Saskia Guckenburg

A Dozen Designers

When I started in design at SAP nearly 20 years ago, there was more or less one design discipline: usability. Some people were more focused on accessibility, others on interaction design, and my group was focused on product design. But basically, we were all heaped into one big usability boat. Since then, I have been […]
4326  | 
Esther Blankenship

Top 10 Tips to Set Up a UX Center of Excellence

In my experience, about 50% of the screens our customers use are not developed by SAP but instead are adapted or developed by partners or the customer’s internal IT organization. I also learned in more than 300 customer projects, that many IT organizations typically do not engage directly with their end users when they develop […]
3915  | 
Andreas Hauser

The Dollars and Sense of UX

I visited with a customer recently who told me about a training program his company holds every 18 months for new contractors. The company needs to refresh its group of 3,000 contractors every year and a half. Each time new contractors are onboarded, they require two days of training, in which they learn what is […]
4296  | 
Andreas Hauser

How to Convince IT and Business to Value Design

One of the biggest outcomes of the technology consumerization trend is how it has driven the importance of design. There’s no “waiting out” this trend – an unstoppable wave of interest in design centricity is hitting the business world, shifting the focus in product and service development from features to experience. But why? What is […]
3672  | 
Andreas Hauser

#designmistakes – Making Users Learn the UI

As designers, our common goal is to create products that make work easier. After all, one of the most important features of good design is ease-of-use and understanding. We have to build tools that are easy to use from the start.
2933  | 
Dragomir Ralchev

#designmistakes – Not Getting End User Feedback

To be honest, the words “religious about” above don’t necessarily need to be crossed out. As a user experience professional, you sometimes feel like you’re preaching a kind of gospel because you keep repeating the same words over and over to a succession of project teams: “Involve your end users.” “Get feedback from the end […]
2966  | 
Clarissa Goetz

Design Thinking Meets Sketch Comedy

Design thinking is not just a big joke…or is it? I wondered about this recently when I attended a sketch comedy writing workshop led by our very own talented intern Bradley Naumann.
2719  | 
Janaki Kumar

Does All Design Need to be Intuitive?

“We need to change our platform. If I can’t figure it out, then nobody can. It’s not intuitive!” In my previous job, I attended a meeting with the Head of Product and the design team. He had just tried a new product for the first time and, to put it lightly, was unhappy. To him, […]
3061  | 
Esther Wolff

Learn the Basics of Design Research

Understanding your end-user’s needs is key to excellent design. But what is the best method to understanding your end-users? Surely, they think the same as you – right? Often we forget that our expectations of how somebody else uses our end product is completely different to the reality. To understand your end-user and to deliver the best user experience for your target group, you and your team need to carry out design or user research.
4853  | 
Claire Donelon

Meet Sam, Chief Design Officer at SAP

As Chief Design Officer, Sam Yen represents design and user experience at SAP. Find out what Sam enjoys about his job as well as some of the challenges he faces.
8935  | 
Esther Blankenship

#designmistakes – Not Caring about What Users Want

In an ideal world, “caring about what users want” should be true and self-evident for everyone. Let´s assume that caring about everyone is the right thing to do from an ethical point of view. Isn´t caring about our users at least as imperative? For me caring about a user means that I use all the […]
2846  | 
Hanna Kieser

#designmistakes – Overcomplicating Things

Ever heard of the KISS method? When we don’t keep it simple, straightforward tasks often become more complex and complicated than they need to be.
3547  | 
Marcus Holger Erb

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Creating Effective Dashboards

If you have the job of designing an effective, actionable dashboard for your organisation, lots of advice is available. Most of the guidance for dashboard design focuses on what you should do during the process. Nothing wrong with that. But in addition to all of the ‘should-dos’ related to dashboard design, there are also some ‘better-not-dos’ that you should be aware of. These are 10 of the most critical mistakes commonly made during the process of creating dashboards…
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#designmistakes – Assuming Users Will Read the Manual

Have you ever looked for information only to find it where you didn’t expect it? This happened to me recently. Whenever possible, I avoid printing to “save a tree,” but then the time finally came when I had to print something and also install the printer driver on my computer. After clicking the “print” button, […]
3589  | 
Saskia Guckenburg

Food for Prototyping

On April 15th the European Design at Business Community met the first time in 2016. Hosted by Philips in Eindhoven the Design Thinking experts took the chance of an exchange at eye level on “Prototyping new Realities”.
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Meet Martin, Chief Designer at SAP

This is the eleventh in a series of interviews with SAP employees in a variety of roles in the area of user experience and design.
10274  | 
Esther Blankenship

Meet Janis, Design Manager at SAP

This is the tenth in my series of interviews with SAP employees. This time around I talk to Janis Shuttleworth, who manages the SAP Global Design Tools team.
3395  | 
Esther Blankenship

Design-Led Development – Behind the Scenes at SAP

  Can you imagine… … coding an application without a specified user interface design? … designing a screen without talking to an end user? … developing a product without knowing the customer? Clearly this would be a very bad way to develop software! This is why we in the Global Design team at SAP foster […]
8742  | 
Gudrun Krebs

How 10 Customers Create Value with Design

The design of a service or product decides about its success or failure, this is what really makes the difference for successful enterprises. The goal is to deliver business value with design. Check out 10 customer stories from AMG, China Grand Auto, Coca Cola Hellenic, eBay, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Heidelberg University Hospital, National Center of Tumor Diseases (NCT), National Hockey League (NHL), Siemens, and State of Indiana.
3913  | 
Andreas Hauser

Meet Philip, Development Expert at SAP

In this interview, I talk to Philip Miseldine, development expert in SAP's Global Design team. This is the ninth in my series of interviews with SAP employees in the area of user experience and design. About Philip Philip Miseldine is a development expert in the Global Design Frontrunner Apps team at SAP. Originally from the UK, Philip works in Walldorf, Germany.
3456  | 
Esther Blankenship

Using Design Thinking to Solve Community Problems

I keep a sailboat in Sausalito, a picturesque town that has more charm than commerce. In May, I was enjoying a glass of wine on the boat of a friend who was all worked up about the new ferry landing that the Golden Gate Bridge District wanted to install in Sausalito. “It’s horrible. It’s huge, […]
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Meet Olga, UX Advocate at SAP

This is the eighth in my series of interviews with SAP employees  in the area of user experience and design. As you may have noticed, I’ve taken a tangent from interviewing people whose main job consists of traditional design activities like visual design, user research and interaction design, to talk with people who are very important to a successful user experience, but are […]
4180  | 
Esther Blankenship

How Cultural Knowledge Can Help You to Succeed in Business

Innovation is an omnipresent buzzword in today’s world. But when does it happen and where does it come from? At SAP’s Design & Co-Innovation Center, we believe there are three factors for innovation: people, process, and space. In our projects, we always put the person in focus and we do this all the more so […]
4030  | 
Kirsty White

Design, UX, UI … What Is the Difference?

In my work with design, user experience and user interfaces, I often run into confusion about these three terms, both within and outside of SAP. The tendency is to think they all mean the same thing. In reality, they are different parts of the puzzle, all working together to support the new way we need to think about enterprise software.
17210  | 
Andreas Hauser

From Platforms to User Experience: Navigating the Digital Disruption

There’s a digital disruption happening, and as an IT industry, we need to be aware of it and start to prepare. There are changes to come, but many are happening already, and it’s important that we take a leadership role during this period of rapid change. That begins by becoming innovation partners to business and […]
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