Dear customer, dear partner:


Would you like to influence SAP product developments? Visit to find the latest opportunities to improve solutions in mainstream maintenance and to engage with SAP product teams regarding future functionality. SAP invites you to get in touch with us via two programs – Customer Connection and the Customer Engagement Initiative:

  • Customer Connection is a global program for SAP customers to drive improvements of SAP products which are in mainstream maintenance mode. Customers can suggest areas on which SAP should focus (aka. “Focus Topics”) and then SAP decides upon these requests depending on the resource availability. Once a Focus Topic is started, customers can suggest improvement requests and collaborate on these. Along pre-defined criteria, SAP then selects the most important requests and delivers them via an SAP Note or SAP Support Package.
  • The Customer Engagement Initiative is an offering from SAP to get involved in development projects for future releases, enhancement packages or new products. Three times a year, SAP invites customers and partners to register for a set of offered projects to get in touch with the development teams. People who register can then join regular feedback activities like phone calls, workshops at SAP or the customer site, usability tests and functional validations. The goal is to either to validate an idea for a future development or to regularly review the ongoing development of future features and functions.


Simply logon to SAP’s Customer Influence page, visit your area of interest – a line of business, industry or product area – and click on “Follow community”. That way, you will receive automated updates whenever new opportunities to influence are posted.


In case of questions, feel free to reach out to

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