This is the second in a small series of infographics on the topic of design and user experience. The first infographic was an introduction to the design process.

In this second post, the graphic highlights the steps of conducting field research and provides a few tips and benefits along the way.

The infographic starts with an appeal to sort out the basics, like getting a multidisciplinary team, securing budget and allotting enough time for the project. Then of course you need to define the research scope and define the right questions to ask users. And the final preparatory step is to find the right customers and end users.

Once all that initial work is done, you are ready to go out and listen and learn from your end users, evaluate the research data with the team, and finally use the results.

That’s it in a nutshell. Have a look at the graphic for a more colorful and detailed description!


Again, many thanks to Clarissa Goetz, user researcher par excellence, and Adi Schlank, superhero graphic design intern, for their invaluable and steadfast efforts in co-producing this infographic with me.

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