The following infographic is a fun take on a serious topic – integrating users into the design process. The graphic takes the reader on a journey which starts with a multidisciplinary team and then moves swiftly on to scoping the design project appropriately. The “real” work then starts with 360 degree research, after which, everything that the team learned is brought together and distilled into core findings through a process known as “synthesis.” After the team has a solid understanding of the users’ needs and tasks, the hard core design work begins: prototyping, validating and developing in an iterative process. And finally, the goal is to release a product that will delight your end users!

Many thanks to Clarissa Goetz, user researcher par excellence, and Adi Schlank, superhero graphic design intern, for their invaluable and steadfast efforts in co-producing this infographic with me.


(Note to readers – in case you have never created an infographic before, it’s a lot more work than you might think. More about that in another post.)

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