This is the third in a small series of infographics on the topic of design and user experience. The first infographic was an introduction to the design process. The second was about conducting field research with end users.

In this third post, the graphic highlights the steps involved in conducting a usability test and provides a few tips and benefits along the way.

The infographic starts with an appeal to sort out the basics, like getting a multidisciplinary team together, securing budget and getting your prototype ready. Then of course you need to work on the details of the usability test itself and define the physical setup, the scenarios and features to be tested, end user profiles, and who will do what during the testing. The next step is to find the end users with whom you will conduct the usability test sessions and make the final preparations.

Once all that preparatory work is done, it’s show time and you are ready to learn from the real experts about your product – the end users!

And of course it doesn’t stop there. Once the testing is over, you and the team will evaluate the test data and use the results to build a great product, prioritize some backlog items, and probably get terrific ideas for subsequent versions of your product.

That was quite dry as text, wasn’t it? Have a look at the infographic for a more colorful description!



Many thanks to Clarissa Goetz, one of SAP’s highly experienced and super smart user researchers, and to Adi Schlank, who provided us with terrific graphic design support during her internship in our department. None of these infographics would have been possible without their attention to detail, invaluable input and many hours of dedication to this project.

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