Good keyboard interaction design is essential to all software products. It helps you to get around the screen and reach UI elements with interaction devices other than a mouse or touch screen, such as … a keyboard.

Joking apart, all functions of the screen need to be operable by one input channel only. SAP Fiori’s SAPUI5 framework gives you keyboard navigation and control handling by default (SAPUI5 version 1.32 or higher). Find out in the infographic below about the how and why of keyboard interaction in SAP Fiori and some useful keys and key combinations – or alternatively listen to its description right under the infographic.

See SAP Fiori’s keyboard support as one of the most important accessibility aspects in action and learn how it can save you mouse clicks and time.

Following international standards makes keyboard interaction in SAP Fiori an intuitive experience. For efficient and effective usability, non-standard keyboard implementation should always be documented.

For more info about keyboard-only navigation in the SAP Fiori Launchpad, please look at the User Guide.

Different user agents might influence the accessibility support and keyboard interaction presented in this blog post. All accessibility features described in this article refer to SAP Fiori Design realized with SAPUI5’s technical prerequisites for accessibility support. This article does not give a statement on the accessibility support of any SAP product. The realized implementation within an individual SAP Fiori application or an SAPUI5 control  might differ. Please contact to learn about the accessibility support of a certain SAP application by requesting an Accessibility Status Document.

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  • Nicole Windmann   3 years ago

    Thanks, Martin! And you are right. The graphic above shows only some of the shortcuts provided in the Launchpad. To learn about all of them, please check the linked „Usability Features in the Launchpad“.

  • Emanuele Spies   3 years ago

    Great article!

    But I have a question, in case it is my first time using the Fiori Launchpad, and I, as a user, have no idea abut the [CTRL] + [F1] or any other keyboard interaction, how can I find out about it? There’s any icon (or link) in the screen regarding this? If so, which one is it, or where is it?


  • Nicole Windmann   3 years ago

    Dear Emanuele,
    Thank you!
    Currently, the user will find all information on the keyboard interaction of the SAP Fiori Launchpad in the user guide presented on „Usabilty Features in the Launchpad“ (see link above).

  • Henrike Groetecke   3 years ago

    Great article! Please note that F1 takes you to the in-app help (Web Assistant), which is highly appreciated by our customers!

  • Ben Luby   2 years ago

    What do designers need to do to facilitate these capabilities in prototypes. I am assuming the Fiori components will still need to be explicitly called out/ numbered for the tabbing order to be implemented semantically?

  • Andre Garrocini   7 months ago

    Ctrl+Y is a very usefull shortcut to select information from different lines at the same collumn for example. Is there any shortcut like that in Fiori?

    • Oliver Keim   7 months ago

      Hello Andre, I absolutely agree, it is a great feature in SAP GUI to capture texts into the clipboard. Fiori apps do not support to select text on base of a character-based grid, as SAP GUI offers. As a consequence it is not possible to copy column-based data into the clipboard. Best regards, Oliver.