Technology has progressed upward over time. Look how far we’ve come – we’ve gone from pen and paper, to desktops and smartphones, to now voice, VR, and intelligent bots. This is all a clear indicator that we are at a really exciting point in our lives, not only because of the innovation that is brought to us and our businesses, but also because technology is finally taking some of the load off us, understanding what we need, and providing that for us. With the introduction of these new interaction paradigms and intelligence, we are able to make our solutions more productive, more efficient, and more personal – they are making our businesses run better and faster, interacting with us, and making our lives easier. And, at the same time, they are allowing us to be ourselves more, thereby creating more personal experiences.

If we look back to before technology even started, pen and paper has always allowed us to interact with our thoughts in a natural way, giving us these personal experiences. The limitation to this otherwise “free” method is its one-way interaction. What would it look like to combine the freedom and flexibility that pen and paper brings us along with rising system intelligence that now brings us a personalized and efficient user experience? What would it look like to bring that to the enterprise? Thus, Project “E-Quill” was born.

What was an innovative project became an actual SAP product: SAP Inscribe. SAP Inscribe furthered the objectives of Project “E-Quill” and began exploring how to make interaction with data more natural, more human, and more personalized. Considering the rising importance of system intelligence and machine learning at SAP and the shift towards the “Intelligent Enterprise”, the following question came to mind: What is the perfect UX for machine learning?

By combining the natural, freestyle experience of pen and paper with the power of cutting-edge system intelligence, SAP Inscribe allows you to work in an intuitive and productive manner. You can explore your data by writing, scribbling, or drawing. You can drill down and refine your data step-by-step to get the answers that you need. You’ll have all the data you’re working with in front of you, which allows you to confidently analyze root causes, identify business challenges and opportunities, visualize your train of thought, make potential changes, and immediately see the impact. By utilizing the real-time insights and analysis, you will be prepared with all the information you need at a moment’s notice and thus make informed decisions, all the while enjoying a natural and intuitive UX.

By providing this paper-based experience, SAP Inscribe empowers you to apply your elemental, cognitive skills to software interaction. It brings a new and natural UX paradigm for the enterprise, freeing you from the constraints of traditional user interfaces.

SAP Inscribe will soon launch a beta program for select customers on SAP S/4HANA, for which you can sign up here. Be on the lookout!

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