What is a Usability Testing?
Usability testing is a method by which users of a product are asked to perform certain tasks in an effort
to measure the product’s ease-of-use, task time, and the user’s perception of the experience. Usability testing can be done onsite at one of SAP’s Usability Labs, via remote testing by invitation or at one of our SAP Global Design Enablement Usability Testcenters located at events.

Is it like a demo?
No, these are not demonstrations, This is an exclusive opportunity for SAP customers, partners and prospects to test new and existing products and solutions. In these one-on-one sessions you will work directly with design prototypes and give on-the-spot feedback directly to the product teams who design the solution.

How long does a usability session take?
Depending on the event, usability testing sessions will last either 60 or 90 minutes.

Why does SAP Usability Test @ Events?
Because that is where the largest, most diverse Customer and Partner profiles can located and matched up with SAP Teams at one location.

What does a mobile usability testing session look like?
A picture is worth a thousand words.


What events does the Global Design Enablement Usability Testcenter currently provide usability testing at?
Below is are the events we currently provide usability testing at:

Time of year
SFIN & GRC Conference
~ 500
SAPPHIRE/ASUG Annual Conference
~ 10,000
May through June
SAP Analytics User Conference
~ 1,500
September through October
DSAG (German User Conference)
~ 3,600
September through October
SAP TechEd & d-code Europe
~ 5,000
October through November
UK & Ireland SAP User Group
 ~ 500

How can I participate?

SAP Employees: If you would like to submit your topic for testing at one of our events, please email michelle.clary@sap.com and you will be added to the Usability Testing @ Events email distribution list.

Customers & Partners: Below is a list of the dates and locations where our Usability Testcenter will be. You have to be a conference attendee in order to participate in Usability Testing in our mobile lab. When registration is live, simply click onto the registration link below to find available testing topics and times.

Link to SFIN & GRC Conference:  Will be live by February 19

Link to ASUG Annual/SAPPHIRE Now:  Will be live by April 2

Upcoming Events (2018)

• SFIN & GRC Conference April 25-26, Frankfurt, Germany Expected Attendance 500
• ASUG Annual Conference/SAPPHIRE NOW  June 5-7, Orlando, Florida Expected Attendance 16,000
  CFP for Topics opens January 29 – February 16
• SAUG (SAP Australia User Group) National Summit August 20-21, Sydney, Australia  (Tentative-In Review)
• TechEd US October 1-5, Las Vegas, Nevada (Tentative-In Review)
• DSAG Annual User Conference October 16-18, Leipzig, Germany Expected Attendance 3,600 
  CFP for Topics opens May 28 – June 15
• SAP TechEd EMEA) October 23-25, Barcelona, Spain Expected Attendance 3,600 
  CFP for Topics opens June 18– July 6
• TechEd Bangalore – Fall dates TBD (Tentative-In Review)
• UKISUG (UK& Ireland SAP User Group Conference) November 11-13, Birmingham, UK Expected Attendance 550 
  CFP for Topics opens July 23 – August 10

We hope to see you in one of our upcoming GDE Usability Testcenters soon.

Michelle Clary
Global Design Enablement Usability Testcenter Manager

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  • Holger Maassen   4 years ago

    Usability testing lets the design and development teams and decision makers identify problems beforehand.
    It’s important to keep in mind that usability testing is not just a milestone to be checked off on the project schedule. The team should have a goal for why they are testing and then implement the results.
    What I like to mention in the context of usability testing is a quote by David Orr (Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College) “Usability testing is the killing field of cherished notions.”

    • Michelle Clary   4 years ago

      Absolutely Holger.
      Also people should understand that there are proper ways of testing with customers along each phase of the product lifecycle. Skipping testing or not conducting testing properly can be very costly in the long run to SAP. For example, just grabbing feedback on an ipad in lounge at an event is not proper Usability Testing, it’s a gorilla feedback gathering activities. Why we provide UT in our labs and at our Mobile Lab at events is we offer a controlled environment with standards put in place to insure that teams get the quality data back from their activities.

  • Gerardo Aguilar   4 years ago

    Hello Michelle Good Morning,

    Can you please tell me how can I participate in area testing? or Which is the process?


  • Anonymous   3 years ago

    I tried to click on the SAPPHIRE 2016 link but it did not work, when will sign-ups for Usability Testing at SAPPHIRE 2016 open up? Or is something wrong with my Jam account? I am logged in here and into Jam and into SCN already.

    • Jonas Brand   3 years ago

      Hi Doc Kevin Lee,

      you’re right that the links in the “Upcoming Events” section are not working. We’ll fix that asap. Sorry for that.

      Registration for Usability Testing at ASUG Annual Conference is currently open and you can register for an usability test here: https://experience.sap.com/asug/
      Information about the conference and the conference registration you can find on the conference website here: http://www.sapandasug.com


  • Anonymous   2 years ago

    I’ve been an active participant of the usability testing for many years now and its, without a doubt, the one thing I always look forward to during SAP conferences. Many people fail to understand that the development of an application takes years and its during these sessions that those “kick butt features” you love in an application are uncovered and discovered. The development teams not only listens to what is being said but they take action on it. There’s several times I’ve participated in an application testing and was asked to come back the following year to see it implemented in the current build. Michelle and her team are the best! If you’re thinking about attending a conference or trying to decide what conference to attend this year, I HIGHLY recommend you pick one they’re attending and stop by their area.

    • Michelle Clary   2 years ago

      Hello David,
      We thank you for your continued support of the Usability Testcenter, your feedback throughout the years has been so valuable to SAP and our testing teams.

      So as David mentioned…if you are planning to attend one of our user conferences…don’t miss out on this great opportunity to join a usability testing session and work with directly with our product teams that build the solutions you currently use or will use in the future.

  • Anonymous   11 months ago

    How can we register to usability testing @ SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 as SAP Customer?

    • Michelle Clary   11 months ago

      HI Daniel,
      Absolutely, if you are a registered ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW attendee, then you can register for Usability Testing onsite at: https://experience.sap.com/asug/ so please feel free to log on and check out the topics we are testing. We look forward to seeing you onsite!!