So, you’ve come across the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by so many detailed articles? Wondering how to find the information you need? Search engines can offer amazing results, but there’s a detail to the guidelines that you might have missed at first glance.

Structured How You Work

When starting a user interface design project, you’ve got lots of aspects to consider: your own design principles, the visual design, how users interact with the user interface (UI), you have to think about the layout of the UI, and so on.

An SAP Fiori design project is quite similar, and you’ve got the same things to think about. The good news however is that SAP Fiori makes designing user interfaces easier by providing lots of design work straight out of the box. There are many aspects of the design work that you don’t have to worry about. And, all of this design work is thoughtfully reflected in the guidelines. It’s no coincidence that the guidelines are structured much like a typical user interface design project.

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