Beacon is a new series of content to discover and learn about SAP Fiori.

Comprised of bite-sized, easy-to-digest “knowledge nuggets” in various formats, Beacon broadens awareness about and increases the understanding of SAP Fiori.

Content that clicks

Our digital lifestyle has changed how we consume content, and, some would say, our attention span. Information nowadays needs to be compact and noticeable to click with people.

Beacon knowledge nuggets are insightful and brief, but also authentic, empathic, and conversational in tone to provide a delightful information experience.

The what of Beacon

Beacon helps you understand different aspects of SAP Fiori. From design to technical aspects, from videos, graphics, and blogs to podcasts, Beacon ensures there’s something for everyone.

Stop by the Beacon page on the SAP User Experience Community from time to time to check out new, exciting Beacon content or simply click “Follow This Page” on the Beacon page to not miss out on new nuggets.

The name

Like a lighthouse on the coast that guides a ship, Beacon helps you along your SAP Fiori journey by illuminating what’s behind SAP Fiori. Give Beacon a signal in return by participating in the conversation: add a comment or two or send a mail using Contact Us at the top of the page.

Come discover SAP’s user experience. Come discover SAP Fiori.

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