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What is Beacon?

Beacon is a new series of content to help you discover and learn about SAP Fiori. Like a bright beam of light that illuminates your path, Beacon is here to help you on your SAP Fiori journey by showing you what’s along the road. Comprised of bite-sized, easy-to-digest content in various formats, Beacon aims to broaden awareness about and increase the understanding of SAP Fiori.

To this end, Beacon strives to provide an authentic and enlightening content experience that gives you some insights about SAP Fiori in a short amount of time.

Beacon isn’t only for designers. It aims to reach out to a wider audience: anyone with an open mind and interest in creating better design and a better user experience. And since user experience covers a lot of aspects, so does Beacon. From design to more technical topics, Beacon ensures there’s something for everyone.

Let the Roadmap Be Your Guide to SAP Fiori

The Beacon roadmap can guide you through some of topics about SAP Fiori. Like any map, there are many ways to reach your destination. By clicking the areas in the roadmap, you’ll be led to some nuggets about the topic at hand. You’ll also get the same information by using the link list below.

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Come discover SAP’s user experience. Come discover SAP Fiori.

Recent Beacon Posts

Listen to Drago and Sebastian – Concepts for Motion Design

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, Meaningful Motion in UI. In the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, the section about motion design has been updated with new content. Drago and Sebastian, SAP UX designers for motion design, discuss the concepts that have been newly introduced: duration, easings, and direction. Listen to the podcast below to […]
421  | 
Sebastian Moreno

Listen to Jim – SAP Fiori Deployment Scenario: Central Hub Deployment

The podcast below accompanies the Beacon nugget, A Look at Central Hub Deployment – an SAP Fiori Deployment Scenario. A general recommendation The Central Hub Deployment scenario is one of general recommendations for the deployment of the SAP Fiori. Listen to Jim to find out about the general building blocks of the deployment scenario.
517  | 
Marcus Holger Erb