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Building upon a history of creative environments, the AppHaus is SAP’s “customer facing” co-innovation space in which customers, SAP, and end-users collaboratively work on projects.
Since 2010 SAP has renovated offices worldwide to foster teamwork and collaboration, and several AppHauses were initially established to co-locate internal software development teams to explore new consumer “apps” (hence the name). The customer-facing AppHaus is the next step in the evolution of the concept, bringing creative space to SAP’s collaboration with their customers.

Located in a historic red brick building in the Landfried complex, a former tobacco factory from the 1800s, the Heidelberg location is conveniently located near the center of historic Heidelberg as well as an easy drive from SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf.

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Facts and Figures

The SAP AppHaus Heidelberg houses one office area of about 350 m² for our design team, a kitchen that doubles as a conference room, four small meeting rooms of about 10m² each, and a large workshop area of almost 400m². We are able to run workshops of about 10 to 80 people. At events we can host up to 120 guests.

About the Space

The AppHaus Heidelberg is SAP’s first customer-facing AppHaus installation. It opened its doors to customers in November 2013 and took less than 10 months from idea to opening. Applying Design Thinking methods & mindset, the team began working on the project by researching the challenges and opportunities of establishing external-facing creative spaces. It quickly became clear that the space concept had to support dynamic, quickly evolving projects with a broad variety of contexts – as our customer challenges are often unique. We worked with SAP Facility Management and the Landfried owner to make the space setup as flexible, creative, and effective as possible. Thus the AppHaus is able to host a big social event on one evening, a meeting with focus on strategic topics the next day, then quickly shift into a workshop environment for software design for the rest of the week.
At the heart of the AppHaus in Heidelberg lies the deep personal investment of all team members, without which the AppHaus would not be what it is. Rather than delegating the design, the team itself touched all aspects of the space – from selecting and building furniture, individualizing rooms, and researching necessary equipment – thereby creating a unique space with its own personality. As projects fill the AppHaus with life, the team iterates on the original concept and builds new ideas upon the existing ones so that the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg is constantly evolving.

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