The AppHaus Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Located in Silicon Valley, the SAP AppHaus Palo Alto is a dedicated space for customer facing activities as well as co-innovation projects. The campus is nested on the rolling hills of Palo Alto, 30 minutes from San Francisco International Airport and the San Jose International Airport.

Facts and Figures

SAP AppHaus Palo Alto is roughly 3550 sq. ft. (330 sq. m.), located on the second floor of building 9 on SAP’s Palo Alto campus. Our space includes a dedicated Design Thinking workshop area, four themed rooms for meeting, making, and relaxing, and a pop-up library. There is also a lounge for presentations and gatherings and an open team working area. Our surroundings are decorated with murals, interactive displays, sculpture, and greenery.

Take a Look Around

Our team had a hand in shaping every aspect of the space. From the overall layout to the fine details, the SAP AppHaus Palo Alto is intentionally designed to be creative and collaborative.

Explore our AppHaus Virtual Tour and the photos below.

About the Space

SAP AppHaus Palo Alto resides at the center of Silicon Valley, an international hub of technology and innovation. As part of Stanford Research Park, we are in close proximity to other world-leading technology companies and embedded in a vibrant startup community. In the 1980s, Steve Jobs worked from our building while leading NeXT Computer. Ascending the staircase into our space, one of our murals details the evolution of design in Silicon Valley. Coming from a rich heritage of trailblazers excites us, and we’re proud to continue transforming our customers’ technology landscape and business impact through design.

Our environment fosters connection and curiosity among people to practice empathy as part of our Human-Centered Approach to Innovation. The open floor plan is adaptable, allowing for design reviews and presentations one moment and socials the next. Color, typography, and motion-themed rooms keep us focused on our design principles while still sparking the imagination. In addition, our pop-up library and interactive art displays reflect our dedication to our process—to explore, discover, design, deliver, and scale—while encouraging continuous growth.

We’re also fortunate to draw from nature as yet another source of inspiration. One of our focus rooms features a backdrop of an early morning spruce forest. We emphasize this connection to promote physical and mental well-being. Sitting there gives one a sense of relaxation amongst a hectic day. Just a short drive away from our space are open space preserves, and a little further takes one through Wine Country or along our breathtaking coast.