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Leading Innovation Curriculum

What do a leading software company like SAP and the former world champion in heavyweight boxing, Dr. Wladimir Klitschko, have in common? Not much, at first sight. If you take another look, you will see that both have developed new ways and methods in the past years to train innovation skills and make them employable.


The SAP AppHaus has started partnering with Klitschko Ventures to develop a joint learning format that combines willpower and innovation in teams and organizations. From December 2019 through March 2020, we jointly piloted the newly developed Leading Innovation Curriculum.

Leaders must think and act like challengers when it comes to innovation. Klitschko Ventures and SAP AppHaus have jointly developed and launched the one training program that makes innovations become reality. It is our goal to turn your executives into innovators within your organization. We assist during their innovation challenges, personally, methodically, and also hands-on.

– Tatjana Kiel | CEO Klitschko Ventures

The Curriculum

This curriculum consists of three training blocks and aims at supporting managers in driving innovation in their enterprise in a sustainable way. This training includes personal experiences, methodology knowledge, and a pragmatic approach in form of an innovation challenge for every single trainee.

Dynamic Group of Graduates


Part 1: Make the innovator strong

The first part focuses on the personality of a leading innovation driver and on strengthening the willpower of all participants. Through their methodology „F.A.C.E. the Challenge“ Klitschko Ventures offers a training concept that combines sports and mental practices to support the participant as a sustainable innovator, physically and mentally. The goal is to identify and specify the leaders’ concrete and personal innovation challenge deriving from the organizational context.

Part 2: Make the innovation project real

The second part takes place in the trainee‘s own organization and aims at structuring the innovation challenge with the right methods and tools as well as taking the first steps on implementing the innovation project.

The participant gets individual support from the innovation and technology coaches when he or she starts to work on the innovation challenge.

Part 3: Make the innovation team ready to scale

The third part is another on-site training format where the leaders share their experiences gained in their respective innovation project. Through this exercise and the exchange with group and coaches they learn how innovation can be established in their teams with a strong infrastructure and how to develop assets and tools to mobilize sustainably people’s energy and commitment. As result, innovation isembedded sustainably in an enterprise, both from a cultural and technological perspective.

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