The method to build innovation teams in organizations

One global workforce trend for driving innovation in the 21st century is cross-functional Teamwork. While most organizations are aware that a diverse spectrum of people, tasks and skills are necessary for that, they don’t know how to translate it into action. Our collaborative method Spectrum builds innovation teams in organizations and unlocks their innovative potential based on the specific needs of the company.

Spectrum can be run in a one-day workshop format and is made up of four main phases guiding the team on their innovation journey: WHY, WHAT, WHO DOES WHAT and HOW. In order to shape a group into a team, the phases focus on fundamental team characteristics like vision, objectives, role clarification, and distribution, as well as team culture.
Each step is made up of several collaborative exercises. With each phase undergone and each discussion conducted, the workshop participants get one step further to becoming an innovation team.

The final outcome is a large poster – called “Canvas” – which not only highlights the results of the workshop but also guides the team on their journey towards becoming an innovation team. The Canvas stays with the team as a ‘living’ document.

For all those companies who have not yet started their innovation journey and for those who want to run a pulse check about their innovation endeavors, SPECTRUM can represent the starting point, their new day-zero.

From group to team in four steps



Phase 1, why, defines a shared team identity and gives orientation about aspired actions and objectives through a vision and mission exercise.

Phase 2, what, aims to position the team more precisely according to the three innovation areas – Experience (Desirability); Technology (Feasibility) and Business (Viability)

In phase 3, the perspective shifts from team to individual (who does what), highlighting the personalities and skills of each team member.

Phase 4, how, addresses the future team culture and outlines how the team wants to work together. The team agrees on three values, by basing their decision on a choice of inspiring picture cards.

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