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A Business Technology Platform for Data-Driven Innovation

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) makes your enterprise intelligent by transforming data into insights. Transforming data into insights requires a deep understanding of context. Our unique methodology of design + architecture thinking helps you to understand context and unleashes the power of an insights driven enterprise. SAP BTP provides unified data management to connect, discover, orchestrate and manage both internal and external data: intelligent technologies and analytics to improve analytical and transactional workloads: and application services to simplify extension and integration across the intelligent suite.


Combining Design Thinking with Architecture Thinking (DT + EA)

SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation (HCAI) is a unique methodology that combines the power of Design Thinking (DT) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) thinking. With Design Thinking, you can discover context in complex business problems through the lens of an end-user. With Enterprise Architecture thinking you can design the solution based on the desired user experience that is technically feasible today and future-proofed for sustained innovation.

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