Value of Design

Why invest in user experience?

Leverage User Experience Design

Monetary Benefits

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Gain Productivity

Focusing on the real needs of users reduces the complexity of processes and screens, letting users execute tasks faster.

Save on Training and Support Costs

Less complexity and better adjustment to the real world process result in reduced training and support costs.

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Decrease User Errors

Higher quality data helps customers minimize the effort needed to correct and helps prevent potential issues, such as road blocks in the follow up processes.

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Decrease Change Requests

By involving end users and relevant stakeholders throughout the creation process, there are fewer change requests and solutions cover the core needs of the users.

Non-Monetary Benefits

Increase User Satisfaction

A focus on the real needs of users means solutions meet their requirements, lowering the barriers to use the new solution, as well as leading to higher satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Increase Customer Loyality

Consumer solutions with a great user experience lead to a higher rate of product or service recommendations, ultimately improving the brand experience.

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Increase Solution Adoption

Users will automatically adopt a solution that fulfills their true needs and requirements.

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Strengthen Relationship

Close collaboration between stakeholders pushes the demand and manages expectations. This improves the perception regarding the value and innovation capabilities of IT departments, leading to more influence in business strategy decisions.

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