Foster Innovation Culture

How Innovative is Your Organization?

The Value of Design-Led Innovation

Organization and culture are the big hurdles to digital business transformation.

– Gartner Inc, 2016

The 3 Pillars of a Culture of Innovation


An organization needs the right mix of design skills and team members with a mindset for design-led innovation. In addition, executive support is essential to ensure that design is treated as a priority at the company.


Process refers to the way in which people collaborate, discover problems and co-create with end users to solve them. It is essential that this iterative and human-centered process is applied to development and business problems alike.


Physical space plays a key role in fostering innovation and creativity. Teams need dedicated spaces where they can collaborate, iterate and co-innovate with end users and customers on projects.

Innovation Readiness Stages


Efforts are grassroots and ad-hoc. Design is seen as a cost.


Design is important and some resources are provided, but success is not sustainable.


Competent design capabilities are used as part of day-to-day business activities.


Design-led innovation is practiced throughout the organization, and design drives business strategy.

Assess your Organizational Readiness

SAP’s Innovation Readiness Assessment offers tremendous value to organizations interested in harnessing the power of design to drive systemic innovation at their companies.

– Jeneanne Rae, founder of Motiv Strategies and DMI's Design Value Index

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