Apaxo Improves to a New Level of User Experience



Improving the User Experience


Research Produces Best Results

I would like to have a good, secure feeling when I actually send the newsletter at the end. That’s what’s missing with the previous service. With the new concept I can check the newsletter thoroughly and reassure myself that everything will be sent correctly.

– Sina Erkenbrecher, CEO melovely (Apaxo customer)
apaxo old process apaxo new process

Achieving Success Through Collaboration

We worked on a new concept with the SAP UX Design Services teams in a short period of time and we have already been able to realize the first aspects in the software. This project will be the blueprint for future projects. The cooperation with the SAP UX Design Services allows us to improve our internal processes, helps us to maintain better contacts with our customers, and makes it possible to extend the partnership with SAP.

– Manuel Blechschmidt, CTO Apaxo

Great design works best when we create it together