CHIO Aachen Brings Fans Closer to Equestrian Sports


With the CHIO Aachen Audience Judge app, tournament spectators are now able to submit scores on the equestrians’ performance and compare them with the official jury’s evaluation. The CHIO Quiz app provides a great opportunity to learn more about the event and Equestrian Sports.


Designing the Equestrian Sports Experience

We wanted to create an app that was easy to use, right from the start, reflects Viktor Georgiev, Senior Strategic Design Consultant at the Design & Co-Innovation Center from SAP.

SAP and CHIO Aachen: Audience Judge App Puts Fans in Front


Making Sense of Equestrian Data

This approach helped to bring the virtual team of SAP experts and our partners from CHIO Aachen quickly into a creative mode that sparked innovative ideas. Seeing the wireframes evolve out of these ideas was a great experience and a perfect basis for a great app,

– reflects Henrike Paetz, SAP Sponsorships.

Enabling Fans to Be Part of the Game

If you look at SAP as a company with its culture, that just makes us proud to have SAP as a partner. It is a great company: innovative, technically oriented, and always looking for solutions. That’s important to us: to come up with ideas that have a benefit for the users, not just something nice to have. To achieve this, SAP is the perfect partner for us.

– Michael Mronz (General Manager, CHIO Aachen)

Great design works best when we create it together