Co-Innovation with Mercedes-AMG: A Journey of Shared Expertise

Mercedes-AMG GmbH


Expanding Product Portfolio, Excellent Quality

AMG has its own culture, the ‘inner force’ of AMG in driving performance. Always in search of the optimum next step, we challenge the status quo. This is what characterizes and distinguishes us. Every employee has this spirit which defines AMG.

– Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Management Board at AMG

Bernd Leukert convinced me that SAP has the innovative power and the technology to develop such a user friendly software.

– Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Management Board at AMG

User Participation at Its Best

I really have to compliment you. The workshop participants learned so much, and most importantly, they developed a deeper understanding amongst themselves which is supporting their daily work.

– Dirk Zeller, Head of IT Consulting, quality engineer at AMG

The engagement of AMG in the project was remarkable. From the beginning, AMG adopted a user-centered perspective that as designer you don’t experience too often with customers. It was not necessary to convince them about the importance of doing user research. They supported us all they time

– Karen Detken, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

Agile Design and Development: Iteration is Key

Design is not a straightforward process. It runs in cycles. The more cycles you run, the better it gets.

– Thomas Biedermann, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

We focused first on the conception phase of the planning process and created personas for the different roles involved in this stage. Together with the customer’s project team, designers and developers from SAP identified the most important goals that these personas have when starting their planning. Then we focused on how to support these goals in the best way.

– Moritz Gekeler, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

The design-led co-innovation process at SAP’s AppHaus acted as a catalyst for changing the nature of our organization’s relationship with SAP.

– Dirk Zeller, Head of IT Consulting, Mercedes-AMG

Great design works best when we create it together