Constructing a Smart Bulk Bin Monitoring System

ISTN Co., Ltd.

A well-working bulk bin monitoring system is of great relevance for feed companies in Korea. To discover the end-customers’ unmet needs of order accuracy, on-time ordering and cost saving, ISTN tackled this challenge together with SAP using design thinking. The IoT sensor powered by SAP HANA will enable on-time ordering and increase the order accuracy by 90%.


Kick starting the IoT with design thinking


Breaking silos to understand

Our approach uncovered the power of visualization to communicate and explain complex topics across diverse participants.

– Tay Kim, User Experience Design Specialist, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

Even though they were well aware of their own needs and opportunities, they did not understand the entire process and the fundamentals of each entity before.

– Joanne Soyeon Bae, Program Manager, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

Designing a future vision

Following the Design Thinking approach, we were able to discover real problem and come up with creative solutions. We are now expanding the business model to other livestock such as chicken and hog.

– In-ho Kim, General Manager, JC Square Inc.

Design Thinking helped us to capture real problem in the livestock industry. After the workshop, we took our solution to the next level and developed dashboard that keeps track of the amount of feed. The result of this dashboard was 90% increase in order accuracy and 90% decrease in the cost of the IoT sensor.

– Ki-woong Nam, Senior Managing Director, ISTN Co., Ltd.

Great design works best when we create it together