Design Thinking with the State of Indiana

State of Indiana


Deliver Design Thinking Workshop for Innovation


Hoosier-Centric Approach to Innovation

Design Thinking taught us to think differently to facilitate improving our product and processes. The approach allowed us to quickly generate over 100 ideas on how to serve our customers in new ways.

– Jim Rose (Deputy CIO, State of Indiana Office of Technology)

Design Doing

SAP Design Thinking opened my mind to a new way of solving problems from the user’s point of view.

– Paul Baltzell (CIO, State of Indiana)

Design Thinking involved a shift in how to tackle the problems of customer relations by challenging the normal creative thinking process. It is something that would be beneficial for all our agencies to undertake.

– Graig Lubsen (Communications & Marketing Director, Indiana Office of Technology)

Great design works best when we create it together