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Off to New Horizons with Design Thinking


Over a decade ago, SAP started to implement Design Thinking in their own organization to become a people-centered and innovation-friendly company. Following their own successful transformation journey, SAP now supports other organizations in establishing a culture of innovation and a design-driven mindset. In 2016, SAP joined Daimler AG on their expedition of Design Thinking, providing them with insights into the experiences and learnings of SAP’s design and innovation journey.

Defining the Route with SAP as Co-Driver

We have integrated Design Thinking into SAP’s DNA over the last decade to change the culture within SAP. Now, we have the great opportunity to share our learnings and best practices with customers who want to establish a design-driven mindset within their company. I am proud that we recently started the Design Thinking enablement program at Daimler and we are happy to accompany them on their journey. When I met the project lead and the team of ambassadors, I could really feel the enthusiasm for Design Thinking - not only as a need-to-have, but to become a new mindset and key to change their culture.

– Sam Yen (Chief Design Officer, SAP)

The Course to Innovation: People + Projects + Space

1. Putting Daimler Coaches in the Driving Seat

We were quite impressed with how well the junior coaches had practiced Design Thinking during the course of the curriculum. This made us really proud.

– Edda Mann (Design Thinking Expert, SAP)

2. Taking Driving Lessons in Real Projects

3. Pitstop Making Design Thinking Visible

The Design Thinking Journey at Daimler Continues

Great design works best when we create it together