Discount Tire Reinvents the Customer Experience

Discount Tire


Reinventing the Customer Experience

Every once in a while, you know you have been part of something very special. The timing for those of us from Discount Tire could not have been much better as we were just beginning to build requirements for our new point of service, website and overall store experience. The exposure to a way of thinking that adapts and reacts to our customer's needs sooner than traditional methods could not have come at a better time,

– says Steve Fournier (COO, Discount Tire Corporation).

Design Thinking with SAP_ Discount Tire Testimonial


Embarking On a Journey of Discovery


Humanizing the Way Business Is Run

After our impromptu get-together at Sapphire, we would not have guessed it would be followed up with something quite this special. I believe this opportunity gave both companies the ability to understand a little more about how each company's philosophy and culture while creating another solid building block from which to grow our relationship,

– said Steve Fournier (COO, Discount Tire Corporation).

The process of Design Thinking with its iterative nature and focus on empathy has made quite an impression on Discount Tire and our customer experience journey. The Discount Tire team appreciates all the effort put forth and every member of the team and looks forward to meeting the short and long term milestones we defined for ourselves.

– Steve Fournier Sr. (COO, Discount Tire Corporation)

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