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Elevating Higher-Education Through Enriched Digital Experiences

Tec de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey is widely regarded as one of Latin America's premier institutions for higher education. Despite its elite status, the University saw room for improvement and enlisted SAP Design Services to help them take higher education into the future.

As a broker of knowledge and center of research, much is expected from Tecnológico de Monterrey (the Tec). To maintain their position as a top tier University, they recognized the need to stay cutting-edge and provide excellent experiences. Taking to heart that success is now synonymous with innovation, the Tec decided that a crucial component of their overall experience strategy should be to re-think the digital experience of the internal systems used by its over 500,000 students, faculty, program directors, employees, patients and alumni.


Impact by the Numbers:
• Changing how 150,000 students learn
• Streamlining the daily workload of 14,000 faculty and 10,000 employees
• Simplifying how 100,000+ patients receive health services and treatments
• Building a stronger community for 250,000 alumni

Digital transformation is no easy task – especially at this scale. But Tec de Monterrey understood the modern perils of remaining complacent, and enlisted SAP’s Design Services to help. Beyond re-imagining some key digital applications, the two partners have simultaneously kick started the University’s digital transformation journey by equipping the school with design thinking expertise and demonstrating how the HANA Cloud Platform can be an enabler for future innovations.

This engagement with SAP changed our perceptions of SAP as purely an ERP company. SAP has entered fully to the Digital Transformation Space bringing value in all aspects: Discovery, Prototyping, Testing, Development in a Cloud Platform and Delivering using a mobile first, cloud first approach. SAP’s UX Design Services helped highlight SAP as an energetic and innovative co-innovation partner.

– Jose Tam, Information Technology Director, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Starting Off, Honing In

While on a tour of Silicon Valley’s top design and innovation destinations, a group of the University’s executives participated in a workshop at SAP’s Palo Alto campus. The meeting illuminated a myriad of co-innovation opportunities, and ultimately convinced the Tec that SAP was the right company to partner with as they looked toward the future.

The SAP design team then traveled to Mexico to conduct on-site scoping workshops and interview students, teachers, and patients to determine exactly what aspects of the digital experience to focus on.

For an organization fully dedicated to service, it is critical to design processes that are based on the complete customer experience. In our challenge of empowering internal users with intuitive solutions and value-added services, the methodology of Design Thinking deployed by SAP has been of great support. Re-Designing processes with a customer centric approach is setting up for success, in terms of efficacy, quick adaptability and shorter cycle times.

– Alejandro Castro, Supply Chain Management Director at Tec de Monterrey

Diving Deeper

Research analysis led to four key areas of opportunity for the portal experiences. Solutions needed to:

  • Make information more relevant, based on the specific user profile
  • Enable the user with information that can expedite tasks (especially administrative tasks that can seem to take time away from focusing on the student-teacher relationship)
  • Streamline and reduce repetitive steps in a workflow
  • Provide real-time feedback as tasks are executed

Informed by rich user research, the team developed clickable prototypes with reimagined workflows using SAP BUILD.

Scaling a Mindset, Laying a Foundation

Through workshops, user research, and data analysis, select members of the Tec’s IT organization and top executives experienced first-hand the user centered design process. The University has committed itself to utilize the newfound design capacity and continue developing a design-led innovation culture.

The activities that SAP conducted (scoping and design workshops, user research, and prototype design), helped us not only brainstorm with their very valuable points of view new ways to observe and listen to our Customers but also to imagine a new amazing and digital experience for students and teachers, employees, patients and doctors and help our teams adopt the Design Thinking methodology as a key enabler for our transformation.

– Jose Tam, Information Technology Director, Tecnológico de Monterrey


With SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform, the Tec has a next generation enabler of innovation that will be the foundation of great digital experiences yet to come.

Great design works best when we create it together