Enabling Innovabee with Design Thinking

Enabling Innovabee with Design Thinking


The Future of the Innovabee Group


Providing a Vision

What I still remember is the creative atmosphere. At one point all the participants started to generate really wild ideas that helped the process.

– Matthias Langholz, Workshop Lead

Mission Accomplished: Innovabee Group is Empowered with Design Thinking

The biggest advantage wasn’t just that we got to know the Design Thinking methodology; we also took our colleagues out of their daily routine and taught them visionary thinking.

– Florian Häußler, CEO Innovabee Group

I was extremely pleased that the workshop showcased how our managers had a common mission for the company’s future. Without the external help from the Design & Co-Innovation Center at SAP, we would never have generated so much output in such a short period of time.

– Florian Häußler, CEO, Innovabee Group

Great design works best when we create it together