Establishing a UI Center of Excellence at Unilever



Making User Experience a Priority

The difference to other UX Design Service providers is the DCC’s flexibility and customer focus. The DCC team consists of UX experts rather than SAP solution experts, and is integrated into the new UX design developments. From a customer perspective, I can be sure to get both an excellent UX support and the latest technical solution options,

– explains Manfred Kürschner.

Establishing a UI Center of Excellence at Unilever


Integrating UX into IT

The key challenge – and I do not think this is specific to Unilever – is to change the mindset and to integrate the required new activities into the standard processes and ways of working, as well as to build the skills across the organization,

– states Manfred Kürschner.

Establishing a Center of Excellence

It was interesting to see how both the value of the Design and Co-Innovation Center and of the UX innovations at SAP have grown over such a short period of time. The DCC is a great partner to work with. The team has very good UX skills and experience, as well as the technical knowledge to provide us with the support we require.

– Manfred Kürschner (Head of the User Interface Center of Excellence, Unilever)

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