KAS design thinking workshop

Fresh Ideas for the Future

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.


Inspiration for innovation

It’s nothing like a conventional conference. And we really didn’t know what to expect so we had to be open to anything. Being guided through a process like this was fun.

– Andreas Kleine-Kraneburg, head of the foundation’s Berlin Academy

Back at the foundation after the workshop, we realized that design thinking wasn’t something we would spend an afternoon on and then forget about but that empathy was something that will affect us for the long term and that we will continue to focus on. Empathy for our target audiences is now ingrained in us.

– Dr. Hans Maria Heӱn, head of strategy and planning at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Creating awareness and reaching out


Bringing the future to life

It’s always fascinating to see how a change of scene makes all the difference. The creativity techniques and elements of design thinking that we learned in the workshop will certainly benefit us in the future. Especially when seeking inspiration for our theme of the year.

– Frauke Gottwald, research fellow in the field of strategy and planning, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Great design works best when we create it together