Development Vision Patrick Henry Village – Knowledge Based Urbanism

Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA)


Create a Development Vision for Patrick Henry Village


Kick Off the “Knowledge City of Tomorrow”

I was surprised how well everyone received the conversion area and its history. It was soon apparent that the PHV was regarded as an island, which was to act independently and ecologically. At the same time, I found it surprising that a expansion in order to merge with other districts was not necessarily considered a condition.

– Moritz Bellers (IBA Heidelberg, Project Manager)

The team is trying to create an unfinished atmosphere in the AppHaus, so that there is room for unfinished thoughts.

– Michael Augsburger (SAP, COO of User Experience & Design)

Bringing the Creative Economy Together

Thanks to the so-called planning phase zero, we were able to find out very early which expectations are being placed on this conversion area. With the help of Design Thinking, we were able to illuminate a variety of different points of view. Many of the participants thought it was great to be introduced to the topic in such a structured way.

– Moritz Bellers (IBA Heidelberg, Project Manager)

The whole project also resulted in a video by IBA Heidelberg

Great design works best when we create it together