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Innovating the Festival Experience


Design Thinking Supports Creativity

The prototypes ranged from abstract and future-oriented to down-to-earth and immediately realizable. This shows how Design Thinking leads to innovation – be it in small and simple or bigger, more complex solutions.

– Miriam Müller, SAP

The AppHaus Fosters Team Spirit

It was outstanding to experience diverse groups working on one concrete challenge and creating prototypes in just one day. This was a great opening for future workshops at the AppHaus.

– Katrin Redmann, Design Strategy Consultant and Design Thinking Coach at SAP

We are very happy that the Enjoy Jazz Festival had the opportunity to be the first institution to enjoy the AppHaus creative space together with 50 cultural managers from all over Europe. The collaboration with SAP was a very inspiring experience for us.

– Miriam Werner and Julia Strysio, Enjoy Jazz

Great design works best when we create it together