A Clear Vision for a Creative Space Redesign

innoWerft Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Walldorf Stiftung GmbH

innoWerft Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Walldorf Stiftung GmbH is a regional start-up incubator connecting founders with a clear focus on IT and investors. With the help of a broad network, financing options, different coaching possibilities as well as a concrete focus on innovation innoWerft enables start-ups to transfer their ideas into reality. To foster collaboration, customer interaction and a people-centric mindset within their workspace, a common vision for the outdated interior design needed to be established as environments affect the way people feel, think and interact.


Establish a Creative Space in Existing Company Ecosystem


Understanding the Customer-Specific Context

I am fascinated about how many aspects we have considered in such a short time, which are so fundamental to us and our way of working. This entails not only social aspects, but also communication with each other.

– Ingmar Wolff (Project Manager, innoWerft)

The Best Creative Space for Start-Ups

It is just fun to deal with this topic. You can feel the motivation of all team members.

– Dr. Thomas Lindner (CEO, innoWerft)

It is amazing how the SAP team broke down the task of creating a collaborative workspace within a boring 70's building. After all, a sequence of engineering steps with methods developed at SAP did the job. Thanks, well done!

– Dr. Thomas Lindner (CEO, innoWerft)

Great design works best when we create it together