Reimagining the Gas Station Experience

GS Caltex

For over 2 years, SAP's design service team helepd GS Caltex employees in different working backgrounds to learn about its customers and explored ways to design a user experience for the future.

Finding Opportunities for the Future of GS Caltex


Hearing the Voice of the Real-Users


Telling Different Stories of the Reimagined GS Caltex

"The wonderful location left me an impression that I'm in a foreign movie. The participating teammates at the DCC Korea functioned as facilitators were very helpful and making this collaboration meaningful."

– Borami Kim, Manager, GS Caltex

"I always believed that innovation is something only those with creative minds could deliver... Companies like ours that haven't changed in 4 to 5 decades gave me some skepticism whether we could change. But with this experience, anyone can change with the right education."

– YeonHui Ko, Manager, GS Caltex

Great design works best when we create it together