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SAP AppHaus Network: Scaling the AppHaus Concept Worldwide

The Next View

In 2013, the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg opened its doors to work collaboratively with SAP customers. The SAP AppHaus Network was formed in order to broaden the existing concept on a partner level. We are proud to announce our first SAP AppHaus Network member The Next View together with the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. More partners are about to join the SAP AppHaus Network in the near future to further expand and exchange the experiences on a global level.

How to Scale the Customer-Facing Concept of the SAP AppHaus

The SAP AppHäuser provide inspiring locations in Berlin and Heidelberg (Germany), Palo Alto (USA) and Seoul (Korea) for clients to innovate jointly with SAP in a user-centric, design-driven approach. Those locations provide design and user-experience expertise, providing clients an open, collaborative environment to help them innovate and improve their current work situations. The user-focused process guides participants – not only helping them to communicate clearly on their goals, needs, and challenges, but also leading to an improved understanding of how they need to work in their business context. This understanding is necessary for sustainable innovation and for joint solutions to real challenges. Furthermore, the AppHaus immerses employees and clients in a rough, unfinished, hands-on workshop space that inspires a “roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty” work ethic and promotes a mindset of prototyping and collaboration.

To help further the application of design and user experience practices and the usage of creative spaces in a meaningful way and building on the yearlong successes of SAP in this field, the community of enterprises who form the SAP AppHaus Network was created. The goal is to establish an infrastructure with skilled people and creative spaces all around the globe.

Design Thinking has become part of our DNA. With Design Thinking, we can include early customer and user feedback, play with ideas and push the creative power of diverse teams. It can inspire new and surprising forms of creative teamwork, leading to bold ideas and solutions that enable us and our customers to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

– Bernd Leukert (SAP Product & Innovations)

1st SAP AppHaus Network Member: The Next View

The Next View together with the Design Thinking Center is the first member of the SAP AppHaus Network. The Next View is a SAP Partner that develops smart applications in fields including Big Data, Process Mining and Internet of Things. Both parties signed the contract on November 3rd, 2016. The Next View is also a specialist in building applications on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). The following online magazine highlights various different case studies of their expertise in the combination of the design thinking methodology and the SAP HCP technology:

The Design Thinking Center opened its doors in February of 2016. The space is about 600 square meters and has nearly no fixed walls, allowing The Next View a flexible way of working. This really makes the difference for Oscar Mulders, Managing Partner, The Next View: “This creative space does not only change the perception of our clients, but it also affects the way I work. We really want to understand the challenges our customers are facing, instead of offering already solutions. Today, we drive innovative projects that we’re able to deliver thanks to the Design Thinking Center.”

As for now, The Next View enables its customers through two-day design thinking workshops, but aims for longer-term-projects: “We are convinced that we can have a bigger impact for our customers when we start working together with them on longer projects.” (Christof Zürn, Chief Design Officer, Design Thinking Center)

As for now I think we have a very effective triangle consisting out of the SAP Netherlands, the Design Thinking Center, and ourselves to not only solve the IT problems but also the business problems.

– Oscar Mulders (Managing Partner, The Next View)

Timelapse I 2 day Service Design Thinking Workshop

(Only in Dutch)

As The Next View operates in the Netherlands, they will learn from the experiences of the German AppHaus Heidelberg, and the other way around. “For me, a network means real collaboration. I would like to benefit from this exchange but I would also like my colleagues to profit from this network.” (Christof Zürn, Chief Design Officer, Design Thinking Center)

With the help of this network, I see that we can handle more innovative projects in the future.

– Oscar Mulders (Managing Partner, The Next View)

To take a first step into that direction, concrete activities for the upcoming year are already in the planning: the management team from The Next View will visit the AppHaus Heidelberg, to get a deeper understanding of all processes but also to take part in different workshops and projects.

This is going to help us scale the AppHaus concept globally and at the same time it helps our partners to leverage their services. I am excited to see that our first partner “The Next View” already created case studies by combining the power of Design Thinking and Design Doing with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

– Andreas Hauser (SVP, SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center)

Benefits and Duties for Members of the SAP AppHaus Network

The SAP AppHaus Network is committed to support high quality services to customers, clients, and end-users. SAP requires members of the SAP AppHaus Network to support the collection of information concerning the quality of services provided. To benefit from the network and become part of it, the potential members are asked for their contribution. As it is relevant to the AppHaus concept to have the right people, process, and space in place, the following criteria are a pre-condition to become a member. Members do not have to be SAP partners.

People: At least six full time employees with the following skills are requested

• 1 AppHaus Member Location Manager
• 1 Design Thinking Coach
• 2 people with a combination “Design Doing” skillset (interaction design, user research, visual design)
• 1 Customer Engagement Manager
• 1 Communication and Marketing Manager

A potential member needs to follow an iterative and user-centric process,e.g. Discover - Design – Deliver

Space: To enable workshops and project-operations the space has to provide

• Workspace for team members
• Flexible workshop space to conduct Design Thinking sessions
• Areas to foster communication and collaboration
• Areas where participants can speak confidentially, e.g. for private meetings
• Supporting areas to be able to operate smoothly

All these aspects have to be considered to bear the sign of collaboration. Potential next members to join the SAP AppHaus Network are located in all major SAP regions.

I want to be much more than the IT partner for my clients, I want to be their business IT partner and I think the SAP AppHaus Network will help in reaching this goal.

– Oscar Mulders (Managing Partner, The Next View)

Great design works best when we create it together