SAP Helps to Simplify Complex Academic Subjects at KSRI

Karlsruhe Service Research Institute

Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is a globally leading interdisciplinary institute that provides education for students, future researchers, and practitioners in the field of Digital Service Systems. Especially the young academics, who develop and examine new concepts, methods, and technologies, make use of an innovative storytelling tool called Scenes, invented at the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg.

Scenes – A Tool Developed to Tell Stories and Create Empathy

How Scenes Enters the Academic World

Scenes Becomes Part of the Daily Institute Life


How Scenes Can Help Simplifying Complex Academic Contents

I found Scenes immediately appealing to the design. In my opinion, it was never so simple to present research projects and ideas, so as to address the broad masses. By using Scenes, the project is automatically more attractive for potential partners. At the same time, the videos are also a good advertisement for the topics at KSRI.

– Melanie Reuter-Oppermann, Senior Researcher and Coordinator of Health Care Lab, KSRI

Expanding Storytelling at KSRI

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