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Breaking the Ice to Unite the Hearts

After ice-breaking warm-up games, we were open and put things on the table without consideration. When we went out, we felt like we are all friends!

– David Ramsay (SAP Customer Engagement and workshop participant)

Design Thinking is Fun, but nor for Fun!

One little idea helped catalyze the changes and progress we’ve made up until today, and now we only have more and more ideas for the future.

– Jeff Cafuir (Sharks Foundation Manager, Sharks Sports & Entertainment)

We recently attended a Design Thinking workshop facilitated by Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC), and were highly impressed with our experience. Their organization, enthusiasm and innovative methods allowed us to step outside of the box and find the solutions we were searching for.

– Jeff Cafuir (Sharks Foundation Manager, Sharks Sports & Entertainment)

Great design works best when we create it together