Streamlined Solutions for a Rugged Terrain

Wild Canyon Games

“I don’t think we knew what we wanted to achieve when we started down this path. We knew there was something that we could create. We knew there was a better way to collaborate amongst this high level group of executives but we weren’t really sure what or how...We ended up with fabulous tools.”

– Carley Dillon, Executive Director of Wild Canyon Games

“It was important to the organization that we really understand and gain empathy for what they were trying to do…they wanted us to interact with the volunteers, and to get a sense for what it was, which was great for us because we really believe in gaining that empathy.”

– Eliad Goldwasser, Director of Design Services at SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center

“That Matt and Eliad went and spent the entire weekend with them, together, understanding what they were trying to accomplish and understanding how they could improve upon it, I think that spoke volumes. ”

– Ryan Hildenbrand, Wild Canyon Games board member & Global Account Director at SAP

“I think SAP helped us to better drive our message home through these individuals being able to collaborate in the backend. I think people emerged this year with a better holistic feel of what we were trying to do….influence health and wellness from a top down approach. So, companies walked away saying, ‘I now have experienced it and I'm now going to take action.’ Without that ability I think we would have lost sponsors in future years.”

– Carley Dillon

“We’re not just focused on back office systems, we’re looking at ways to improve people's lives, and I think this is one example of that.”

– Ryan Hildenbrand

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