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The purpose of this SAP R/3 Style Guide is to help developing user-friendly software for the SAP R/3 Systems. It is meant to provide state-of-the-art knowledge on user interaction design.


  • Developers working with the ABAP Development Workbench
  • User Interface Designers
  • Info Developers
  • SAP partners and customers
  • agencies, such as TÜV, which provide certification in matters of ergonomics
  • the public, including professional colleagues from the field of user-centered design

A Brief Note on the History of this Style Guide

This style guide reflects the state of R/3 release 4.6. It includes the restructured and reworked contents of the previous SAP R/3 Style Guide (Pocket Version and Updates). The guidelines have been brought up-to-date, and new norms for the SAP user interface as well as new articles covering current design problems have been integrated; parts of them had been offered as an appendix up to now.

The previous SAP R/3 Style Guide (Pocket Version and Updates) is based on the book Getting Started with the SAP User Interface. This book is a compressed version of the official SAP R/3 Style Guide, which is part of the R/3 documentation. Both style guides reflect the state of R/3 release 3.0 (the official style guide includes some minor updates).

Note that the official SAP R/3 Style Guide has been discontinued; from now on this style guide is the only usability resource for the R/3 system. Since the reference lists are the most frequently requested section of the R/3 Mini Style Guide, they are now in a separate guideline document, the SAP Reference Lists to be found on the SAP User Experience Community.

The SAP Reference Lists offer:

  • R/3 function names
  • Access mechanisms for R/3 functions: F-keys, icons, accelerator keys
  • R/3 Terminology Comparison Lists (English - German)
  • R/3 menus
  • R/3 status icons
  • R/3 icons
  • R/3 text guidelines (English, German)


August 16, 2004
Changes due to accessibility requirements:

  • Pushbuttons: Dynamic layout changes disallowed
  • Radiobuttons and checkboxes: Dynamic layout changes disallowed
  • Drop-down list box: Dynamic layout changes disallowed


This guideline can be found in SAP guidelines and resources on the SAP User Experience Community (www.experience.sap.com).


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Source:  SAP R/3 Style Guide