SAP Fiori for Wear OS is a design language specifically adapted for SAP software running on Wear OS devices.

Foundation of SAP Fiori for Wear OS

Design Principles

Watch apps have their own design principles that need to be considered for smartwatch app design. Learn more about the core of SAP Fiori for Wear OS and find out how these design principles can help you create impactful enterprise watch apps.



Color is an essential element for smartwatch apps to provide optimal readability and accessibility for users. Find out more about the SAP Fiori for Wear OS color palette and how to use it effectively.


Type System

By using native fonts for SAP Fiori for Wear OS, our design language blends seamlessly with the native Wear OS user experience and accessibility features.



Learn more about layout best practices for watch apps to keep your content legible, aligned, organized, and accessible.



A clear and short navigation path allows your smartwatch app users to complete their tasks quickly. Learn more about navigation patterns for SAP Fiori for Wear OS apps.


By using our Design UI Kit, you can save time and ensure consistency. This simplifies the design and helps you learn more about how smartwatch elements work and are built.

Download the SAP Fiori for Wear OS Figma UI Kit and start designing your own SAP Fiori for Wear OS applications.

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