This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed based on the controls available in the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android.

SAP Fiori 3

We’re excited to announce all SAP Fiori for Android designs have been updates to the new colors for consistency with SAP Fiori 3. The entire guidelines has been updated to reflect this new change!

UI Components

Hierarchy View

  • New pattern! The hierarchy view is a set of columns that show the hierarchical relationships between objects


  • New pattern! The map shows business objects, points of interest, optimized routing based on business criteria, and other quantitative location-based data.


SAP Fiori for Android Stencils

  • We have updated the stencils with new patterns and enhancements for this release, including hierarchy view, map, and all other design assets to reflect the SAP Fiori 3 color updates.