Updated: May 29, 2018

What’s New?

This article provides an overview of the topics that have been added or changed. The content is based on the controls available in SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS version 2.0 SP01.


Visual Design


Chart colors have been updated. We now have 12 chart colors!



New article! The chart floorplan displays data using a full-width chart and allows users to select chart items to see specific values, drill in to explore more details, and adjust a variety of chart criteria using filter options.


Data Table

New Article! A data table is a range of labeled columns and rows used to present numbers, text, or even images. Generally, data tables are a grid layout of columns and rows.

Object Cell

We have updated the content of the article to include the possible interactions and behaviors of an object cell.


Chart Content Table View Cell

The chart content table view cell is a full-width view that provides a visual representation of one or more datasets. The chart content table view cell is read-only, and is placed within the content area of another floorplan.

Chart Card

The chart card displays a thumbnail view of a chart, with key information shown.

Chart Header

The Chart Header displays simple chart data inside an object header.

Chart Types

SAP Fiori for iOS supports four chart types: horizontal bar, column, line, and combination (column + line) charts. This article discusses when to use each type of chart to best meet your users’ needs.



We have updated the content for this article.

Patterns & Frameworks

Time & Date Formats

New Article! There are many different time and date format conventions, with no “right” approach for all situations. Conventions also vary widely around the world. This article shares some general tips on how to present time and date information to users in your SAP Fiori for iOS apps.


SAP Fiori for iOS Stencils

We have updated the stencils with new components and enhancements for this release, including the map floorplan, chart floorplan, chart views and other minor fixes.