Updated: June 7, 2024

SAP Web Components BETA


Welcome to the design guidelines for SAP Web Components!

In this section you’ll find the first set of design guidelines for SAP Web Components. SAP Web Components are framework-agnostic and can be easily integrated into different web development environments.

The articles for each component provide a basic design overview with interactive examples. You can also navigate to the developer documentation.


Why separate guidelines for SAP Web Components?

Although the basic design of SAP Web Components is aligned with the design for SAPUI5 controls, they can still differ in scope. As of today, SAPUI5 controls typically offer a richer set of features out of the box.

These guidelines are intended as a dedicated resource for all teams who use SAP Web Components in their products or frameworks.

Focus on “common components”

The design guidelines currently focus only on SAP Web Components that have been identified as common components. These are components that we expect to be used broadly across all SAP products.

Beta version

This is a first beta version of the web component design guidelines. Feel free to share your feedback to help us meet your expectations.

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Exploring the Guidelines

You can access the web component guidelines and foundation topics:

  • Via the navigation menu under UI Elements – SAP Web Components
  • Via the search. All SAP Web Components appear in a separate section in the search suggestions and results.
  • Via the component overview on this page.
Guideline search - separate results for SAP Web Components
Guideline search - separate results for SAP Web Components


The version you see in the web component guideline is the interaction design version. It is shown in the guideline subtitle. Version 1.0 (v1.0) is the initial design version.

Subtitle with technical name and interaction design version
Subtitle with technical name and interaction design version

Interactive examples

The live examples in the SAP web component guidelines reflect the implementation status on:

March 13, 2024 (UI5 Web Components Release Version 1.23.1)

Component Overview

The list below provides an overview of all the web component guidelines currently available with this beta version.

Interaction Design Foundations

Value States
Wrapping and Truncation

Share Your Feedback

Do you have questions or feedback on the SAP Web Component guidelines? Feel free to contact us via the SAP Fiori Community.

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