Updated: December 19, 2016

Chart – Primary Data


This topic covers the size of data points and value display.

Size of Data Points

Width of Bars

The following applies to all charts that contain bars: horizontal bar charts, vertical bar charts, stacked bar charts, bullet charts, combined charts, and so on:

  • The chart component tries to resize all bars so that all data points are visible, but a minimum width is applied. The minimum width allows for easy selection on all devices.
  • The minimum width of the bars is 48 px on touch screens and 24 px on mouse devices.

Note: When zoom is provided in later releases, this minimum width will no longer be enforced.

When the minimum width is reached, a scrollbar allows you to scroll and see all data points.

Minimum width displayed
Minimum width displayed

When there is enough space to show all data points, the width of the data point adapts proportionally to the width of the chart container.

Width adapted proportionaly
Width adapted proportionaly

Value Display

For more information, please see the article on value display.