Updated: December 19, 2016

Object Identifier



The object identifier is a short text that represents the key identifier of an object.

You can find the object identifier in the table as the identifier of a line item.


Use the object identifier if:

  • You want to indicate the key identifier of the object.

Do not use the object identifier if:

  • You intend to use it for decoration.


The object identifier text wraps when the screen size becomes too small to display the full text on one line.


The object identifier is characterized by the following:

  • A title text (property: title)
Object identifier - Text only
Object identifier - Text only
  • An optional additional descriptive text (property: text)
Object identifier with subtitle
Object identifier with subtitle
  • The title can be set to active, in which case, it looks like a link and can fire an event (property: titleActive).
Object identifier - Actionable
Object identifier - Actionable
  • Both texts wrap if the space available becomes too limited.
Object identifier - Long texts wrap
Object identifier - Long texts wrap


  • The object identifier should be easily readable, preferably with just the display text but no ID. If the ID is necessary to distinguish between items that use the same title, it should appear in brackets, such as “Product ABC (1234567)”. Whether you include the ID in the text property can also depend on how long you expect the text to be.
  • The object identifier can also be represented as a link, in which case, the event would open the quick view of the object.


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