Updated: May 3, 2021

Updated Navigation Structure for Guideline Version 1.88


The following changes were made to the guideline navigation structure with guideline version 1.88.

Topic Assignment

Enhanced “Get Started” Section

The Get Started section now includes best practices.

“Foundation” and “General Concepts” Replaced

The former Foundation and General Concepts sections have been replaced by more specific sections:

  • SAP Fiori Design System: Overarching SAP Fiori topics, such as design principles and UX consistency.
  • Look, Feel, and Wording: Topics relating to the visual design and UI text conventions.
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad: Now a top-level navigation entry.
  • General Patterns: UX patterns that apply across SAP Fiori, such as action placement or navigation.
  • UI Elements / When to Use: Best practices relating to UI elements (see below).

Separate Entry Points for Frameworks

Frameworks are now shown separately from layouts and floorplans.

  • Layouts and Floorplans: All layouts and floorplans.
  • SAP Fiori Elements Framework: Supplementary information for floorplans implemented as SAP Fiori elements.
  • Analytical Frameworks: Analytical frameworks used with SAP Fiori, such as SAP Smart Business.

UI Elements Reorganized

The UI Elements section has been enhanced and restructured:

  • New When to Use section at the top now contains all the best practice topics for using controls, such choosing the right selection control or applying semantic colors. These topics formerly appeared under General Concepts.
  • Similar topics have been grouped to reduce the number of top-level entries. For example, there’s now one List / Table / Tree section.
  • Topics that logically belong in different groups can appear more than once (for example, “Table Select Dialog” comes under both List / Table / Tree and Dialog.
  • New section for Smart Controls.
  • Separate section for Reuse Components.

One Stop for Tool Development

All topics relating to tool development are now under Tool Development, regardless of the component type.

Stencils & Co.

The former Services & Resources section has been renamed to Designer Toolkit.

Other Changes

Section Overviews

All main sections now have an overview topic that explains the content of that section and how the information is organized. This content now shows as soon as you click on the corresponding navigation node.

Topic Names

You’ll notice that some topic names have changed slightly. But we’ve avoided major changes and search terms and links should still work fine.