SAP Fiori Makers Spotlight Award

You have designed a great SAP Fiori application? Your end users love what you did? This is the chance to show your work to the SAP Fiori Makers Community AND win an SAP Fiori Makers Spotlight Award.

Use the button below to submit your best (implemented) SAP Fiori application. A committee of SAP Fiori designers will review your designs and choose the best-in-class user experiences based on the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines.

What’s in it for you? You will:

  • Present your app in one of the monthly SAP Fiori Makers calls to the SAP Fiori Makers community members (currently ~700 people)
  • Acquire an “SAP Fiori Makers Award” design label to show your SAP Fiori design skills and your active contribution to the community. The label can be used on personal profile pages (e.g. on Linked-in).


How to submit for the SAP Fiori Makers Spotlight Awards 2017

To submit your SAP Fiori design:

Prepare a slide deck that includes

  • the persona
  • a use-case description
  • mockups showing the straight forward user flow
  • feedback from end users using the application (optional)

Use the submit button below to send us an e-mail and be sure to include:

  • the slide deck as described above (as an attachment)
  • some details introducing yourself, your company and your Fiori project




Terms and Conditions

• You / the company you represent own the IP of the submitted designs

• If you do not have the IP, e.g. in case of customer projects, a statement of agreement by the IP-owner / customer is required

• The Fiori application must be implemented and in use

• The application must in general follow the Fiori design or Fiori for iOS design guidelines