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What’s the difference between a post and a discussion?

A post is like an article in an online magazine. Some are very short and some are longer, but they are generally intended to transmit a concept, provide practical tips, or explain a topic. Authors also need to upload a teaser image when creating a post. The Community staff reviews all posts before they are published and thus visible to the public.

A discussion is generally shorter than a post. The intention is to either get answers and feedback from other members or share news or bits of interesting information. Discussions are generally more informal than posts. No imagery is necessary, but you can certainly include them if you would like! Discussions are not subject to approval by the Community staff before being published.

Posts, discussions, and comments must adhere to the Community’s Rules of Engagement.

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How do I create a post or discussion?

Click on the main actions icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. A menu will open up where you can select “start a discussion” or “write a post”.

Alternatively, after logging on, you can click on your image and go to your profile. From there you will find all of your existing posts and discussions and buttons to create new ones.

Note – only Community members can start discussions, reply to discussions, write posts or comment on posts.

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What’s the difference between “Learn the basics about design and user experience” and “Skill up on design and user experience”?

  • Learn the basics about design and user experience – this area is intended for people new to design and user experience who want to learn the fundamentals. In this area, posts should contain high-level, introductory information and be relatively short.
  • Skill up on design and user experience – this area is meant to help design practitioners and experts to expand their knowledge. Here posts ideally offer practical design advice or share design best practices and can be a bit longer.

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What happened to the posts on the previous version of the Community?

We relaunched this Community on May 30, 2014. All of the posts on the previous version of this site were migrated to Learn the Basics about Design and User Experience, Skill up on Design and User Experience, Design News from SAP or into one of the discussion boards.

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What is SAP ID and why is this site using it?

We now use SAP ID Service to manage all our user accounts. This allows you to enter your personal data and password once in a central repository and use that information to access any platform connected to SAP ID Service (,,, and many other SAP platforms).

You can fine-tune your profileon the SAP User Experience Community by uploading a picture of yourself, adding your job title, etc. This information will be stored on our site, but not be updated in your SAP ID account.

You can view your SAP ID account information at any time by visiting

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