On December, 17th and 18th, a special Christmas celebration event took place at SAP’s Berlin location in the heart of Germany’s capital city. Tao, Konrad, Thomas, Thomas and myself (all user experience designers from the  Berlin office) prepared colored stickers that we put under the drinking glasses in the cafeteria.


Our colleagues, who had no clue what was going on, just chose their meal in the cafeteria as usual, took a glass and sat down to eat. When they finished their drinks, they encountered the bright stickers under their glass, together with instructions what to do with the sticker and how to bring the Christmas card on the windows to life.


In the morning, we had already prepared some Christmas figure templates, such as candles, stars and trees, and outlined the motifs that were created out of solid colored dots on large sheets of paper which we taped to the outside of the window. We then traced the circles on the windows so that it was easy for the participants to find the right spots for their stickers.



During lunchtime, the Christmas motifs filled up dot by dot with more and more stickers.


People were very engaged in making their individual contribution to the living Christmas card and carefully placed their stickers on their favorite motif.


This fun activity brought us colleagues together in order to give people a good experience and bring some holiday cheer to ourselves and passers-by.  


People walking and driving by the office at Rosenthaler Straße 30 can see SAP Berlin’s Christmas greetings until December 29th on the front windows. On behalf of everyone at SAP Berlin, merry Christmas and happy New Year!


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